Spain is a dream destination for numerous travelers, with its rich tapestry of culture, stunning landscapes, and history. Finding the famous landmarks in the nation and venturing into it like a local can make your traveling unforgettable. Here are some Hidden Travel Tips for Exploring Spain Like a Local.

Following are the Hidden Travel Tips for Exploring Spain-

Savor the Local Cuisine

Spanish food is well known across the globe, but to really understand everything you’ve got to try out regional dishes. In Galicia people eat pulpo a la gallegathat means galician-style octopus while Valencians make their paella with a little bit more cream than usual. You can go to the local markets at Mercado de San Miguel,Madrid or La Boqueria, Barcelona where you will find various vegetables, cheese and ham on earth.

Explore Cannabis Culture with Weed Map Spain

Spain is now famous for its rather liberal approach to marijuana, especially in areas such as Catalonia and the Basque Country. The weed map Spain is a great help if you want to experience this other part of Spain. It shows where to get marijuana clubs and pharmacies where you can legally buy and use Marijuana with other people around you. These clubs are private and require you to seek membership through a link from another member.

Embrace the Siesta Culture

The siesta is a traditional afternoon nap. It’s during this time that most shops and businesses normally close down. To relax, recharge and do as locals are doing, use this time. You can just sit under a tree at the park or elsewhere out of the sun or maybe have an easy meal then take a short nap. It’ll make your experience more enjoyable.

Discover Local Festivals

Spain’s festivals are an integral part of its culture and traditions. Thus, visiting such activities make one feel like they are truly part of the place. Therefore always ensure that you schedule your trip around events such as; La Tomatina at Buñol Working Fountain Pamplona’s Running of Bulls and Las Fallas in Valencia where there is always something going on for everyone, whether it is history, culture, and community spirit.

Learn Basic Spanish Phrases

Although in tourist areas, English is spoken by many Spaniards, it is important to know some Spanish basics. Basic Spanish phrases may help you a lot in greeting people, ordering for food politely or even asking for directions because in getting round easily as well as appearing friendly to them will appreciate so much when you try to speak their native tongue if it is just some words.

Use Public Transport

There is an extensive public transportation system in Spain and it works well; it’s easy to travel almost anywhere in our country using either trains or buses. There are high-speed AVEs going between the big cities that make long journeys shorter as well as smaller regional trains going through picturesque landscapes. So, if you use public transport, it’s not only about saving your money, but also about getting a better idea of Spanish life.


Going for a tour in Spain like a Spaniard entails assimilating local cultures and living Spanish lives. From tasting local meals or taking part in processions up to navigating transport ways and know more about cannabis locations on weed map Spain, with these secret travel tips you are guided towards discovering a real charm of this captivating country.