Bali is an eccentric and unique travel destination and is a perfect place for travel diaries, a mixture of culture, beauty, food, weather, and life at night is the highlight of Bali. This city has its way of attracting tourists with its both Western and rural lifestyles. 

Bali is also considered a paradise by many people for its luxurious beach resorts, vibrant dances, stunning arts and crafts and lastly being the hub of water sports. If you are planning a getaway to Bali we will provide you with all the necessary details in this Bali travel guide. 

Best Places To Visit In Bali 

When you are here, you shouldn’t be clueless about the best places to visit in Bali. Hence, we’ve put up a list of some beautiful places to visit during your stay in Bali: 

Purah Tanah Lot: start your trip with this prominent temple with a seaside view, this is considered one of the sacred sea-view temples. Apart from the temple, the environment is Instagram worth, as you step into this temple you can also walk along the pathways and experience another sea temple on the rock. You can end the religious rituals with a cup of coffee at the restaurants and cafes on the clifftop.

Mount Batur at sunrise: for a romantic couple this place should be one of the top places to visit in Bali. You can witness the sunrise through the misty mountains. You can go for a hike here with a prepared basket of breakfast to enhance the beauty of this mountain while enjoying breakfast, but make sure to wear more clothes as the environment is cold before sunrise. You can also witness the lakes and mountain ranges on a clear day.

Tegallalang and Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali: A perfect place for a photographer, a landscape with a field of rice is a picturesque site. These Tegallalang rice fields are one of the most popular places often visited by tourists. Also, you can relax in cafes and restaurants near the field with a view of this magnificent rice field. The Jatiluwih rice field is 600 hectares and is less crowded therefore you can enjoy the view here without any rush. The most special fact about these places is that they have been named in the UNESCO records.

Seminyak shopping: if you are a shopaholic then the busy market of Seminyak is the best option as it has varieties of jewelry, homewares, clothes, and much more. The top two shopping places are Seminyak village and Seminyak square but then you have smaller shops too. This is also the best place for beach resorts, arts, and restaurants. 

Sekumpul waterfall: nature lovers this place is for you. When passing the rice field and the villages with rambutan and durian trees and some slippery paths you will reach the base of the falls where you can have a refreshing swim or bath. This is considered one of the amazing waterfalls in Bali with seven falls. Don’t miss this place to experience the wild side of Bali.

Waterbom Bali: this water park is a perfect place for a family visit, they have activities for both elders and kids. The swimming pools, water slides, and rides are activities that will entertain the kids whereas elders can get a pedicure, manicure, or fish therapy. You can also enjoy meals or coffees at the cafes and refresh your body from the heat as the park is surrounded by trees and beautiful gardens. When you’re here you don’t have to wonder what to do in Bali because this has got you covered. 

Lempuyang temple complex: this is a structure included in one of the series of temples situated in the highlands of Mount Lempuyang. You can either climb the staircase or hire a local to take you on a motorcycle. But the view after the climb is worth watching. You can also take a picture near the dragon staircases which almost all the tourists do during their visit to this sacred temple.

Top Things To Do In Bali 

Now that you know the places to visit, here are some of the best things to do in Bali.

Surfing: one of the top things to do in Bali is to go surfing on Kuta beach, as this island has broken many world records for surfers, you can get a surfboard on the shore and if you are not fluent in surf you will be guided by the locals.

A wild safari: you will witness varieties of deer, squirrels the size of cats, and rare endemic ebony leaf monkeys. As travelers, you can stay at Menjangan Resort to witness the view of the jungle and the flocks of birds. 

Bali swing: get into this swing to experience an aesthetic view of Bali you can also witness the beauty of the rice terrace through this swing, the views will give you a perfect background for social media worth photographs. This Bali swing is considered one of the best honeymoon experiences.

Kecak dance: if you want to witness some culture and traditional arts then this dance will teach you everything you prefer learning, this is a traditional dance of Bali which is performed in outer space by well-trained artists, this is one of the best experiences you will get as a family. 

Goa Gajah caves: if you want a touch of history in your travel diary then this should be added to your bucket list, a place filled with rock wall carvings, a relic-filled courtyard, bathing pools, and fountains. this place had been to UNESCO for its unbound beauty and uniqueness. If you want to calm your soul and relax your body then visiting this place in the evening is the best.

Water sports at Tanjung Benoa: do you want a wild travel experience? You can experience a collection of fun and wild sports in Tanjung Benoa, especially water sports. One of the most liked activities was jetpack which is said to be 10 meters away from the water for almost 20 minutes but you don’t have to fear as there is always a professional trainer near you to guide. This is best suitable for both couples and a group of five.

Nusa Dua’s Luxury: try out some authentic Bali food away from a crowded city in this place, an expensive place to experience with your loved ones. You can have a perfect family time experiencing private beaches and beautiful lawns. 

Best Time To Visit Bali 

April and October is the best time to visit Bali, also known as the dry season. The sky is bluer and clearer in the daytime and eventually cools in the evening. It has low humidity and the perfect beach weather for water sports. 

How To Travel In Bali?

A hired car with a driver would be the most comfortable mode of transportation where you can leisurely enjoy the city unlike self-driving. You can also use motorbikes but it will be a hassle in the traffic. Boats can also be used to visit the islands but it is less used in Bali.

Or you can use a bus to explore the area but it is less convenient as it will take time to reach the destination.

Best Places To Stay In Bali

Wherever the place you select to stay in Bali will give you different experiences, here are some of the best areas to stay in Bali.

Ubud: this is one of the most visited places by tourists, a creative and unique place situated in the heart of Bali covered by rice and jungle. Many visit here not only for the beauty of it but also to relax in the spa and get involved in some yoga. As it is budget friendly you can spend some time here.

Canggu: a perfect place for surfers and extroverts, you can catch up with other travelers and enjoy beautiful sunsets. It also is surrounded by beaches. You can have a delicious brunch or a coffee at the cafes and relax in a pool with some music.

Amed: if you are someone looking for authenticity then this is the best place, a fishing village with a white and black beach and the best spot for diving, you can have a very peaceful time as the place is less crowded. You will get to see the beautiful cultural side of Bali here and connect with the locals. Not to forget about the delicious fresh seafood.

Manduk: located in the north of Bali, the excellent climate, coffee plantation, and hiking opportunities are what make this place unique. The hotels in this place provide eco-friendly accommodations and cultural food. This is the best place for nature lovers, while in Manduk you can visit the Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan temple and one of the coffee plantations. 

Sidemen: a marvelous place with bamboo houses and an authentic Balinese vibe where you will get to witness the rice fields and the volcanoes, you can engage in hiking, swimming in the waterfalls, and river rafting. 

Interesting Things To Know About Bali 

It’s an island: It’s not a country, but an island. It is made of 4 islands. People usually stay on the main island as it is of huge real estate and the other islands are smaller but you get to see many beautiful photos in these islands.

Two active volcanoes: yes, Bali has two volcanoes but with different experiences mount Batur can be easily climbed by anyone and is famous for sunrises but Mount Agung is comparatively tougher to climb and is risky.

The most expensive coffee is in Bali: Luwak coffee or kopi luwak is one of the most expensive coffees around the world, a catlike creature named a civet will munch coffee beans and during the digestive process majority of the acid is removed and then the excretion from it is taken as coffee. 

Own language: the Balinese have their language Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is a commonly used language but the people of Bali are not aware of those, they have their language Balinese.

Day of silence: this day falls in March which is to celebrate the New Year the time is tracked by the moon. The most interesting thing is that all businesses and airports are closed, no vehicles travel in the street, everyone stays at home and no lights are turned on or outside the houses, villas, and hotels.

What To Avoid In Bali?

While you enjoy the vacation in Bali, here are some of the don’ts to remember so that you can get the full use of whatever the Bali vacation packages you choose. 

  • Do not wear footwear when entering the temple and wear appropriate clothes 
  • Do not drink tap water 
  • Don’t visit popular waterfalls in the middle of the day
  • Do not trust the weather app 
  • Avoid showing anything that attracts the monkeys 

Take Away 

Whether you’re exploring with family, embarking on a solo adventure, or seeking a romantic getaway, Bali’s magnificent nature, and captivating charm are sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

So, why wait? Isn’t it high time to recreate your bucket list with Bali? Go through our other Asia travel guides to know about best places to visit in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and many more amazing destinations.