When talking of travel fashion for women, there are so many choices of outfits that are available for so many purposes. Whether you are waiting at the airport, or chilling out with friends at a café, whether you are traveling in summer at a beachside destination or skiing on an icy mountain slope, there are so many dresses and outfits available for women, and with all the travel accessories, it becomes a matter of making all the best choices to wear. So what is the best travel fashion for women? Here go some ideas.

Travel Scarf

A travel scarf for women is the best thing to have on airplane flights. It will double up as a pillow, or a headrest, and also cover you up from the cold. Travel scarf also looks stylish if worn properly, and you can also go for an infinity scarf with hidden pockets to keep that cash hidden. A scarf is best if you are going on a desert safari, and also for hot sunny regions.

Travel Purse

Your Travel Purse is as much a part of your travel fashion as are your clothes. It, in fact, compliments a woman’s travel outfit and makes it complete. It holds everything that a woman needs – toiletries, cash, iPad, documents, makeup kit, etc. A travel tote bag is great at keeping your hands free while you shop around in a bazaar. You can opt for shoulder bags, clutch, or cross-body flap bags, it doesn’t matter.

Travel Shoes

Women who are traveling can opt for flat shoes that are easy to slip on and passes the security checks. Choose the light ones as they will let you walk much easier, even in uneven terrains. They are great for walking on cobblestone streets, along a beach, and while walking on dusty roads. Flats are best for road travel, sandals are more casual, and are great for beachside walks. If you are into hiking then wear sneakers or hiking boots.

Travel Cardigan

A Travel Cardigan is great for long flights, and on the road, you can wear it over a tee, or with a pair of jeans. Cardigans look stylish on women and they also protect you from the cold cabin on long flights. Want to feel chic? Tuck it into your low waist trousers. Cardigans come in so many styles like button-up cardigans, shawl collar cardigans, knitted cardigans, and all will suit women, no matter where you go.

Women’s Light Jacket

Jackets are the most versatile of women’s travel wear, and they keep you warm during cold wintry nights and also ooze a stylish look. Their appeal never fades out, and it is for women who want that extra comfort while traveling. They do take up storage space in your luggage. But you can wear them with jeans. Their woolen fabric is great to shut out cold, and they are light and easy to wear.

Travel Leggings

Leggings go best with a loose t-shirt or a loose tunic. They come in all types like Mid-Calf Length Leggings, and while traveling you can even opt for Jeggings, which will give you the feeling of wearing jeans but with the look of a legging. Whether it is leggings or Jeggings, they are made to give your body a shape and a skinny fit. They are stretchable, that’s the best part of it, and perfect for traveling.

Travel Skirt

Traveling is about feeling light, and in summers, nothing feels great like a skirt. You can wear a woolen jacket over top. Maxi-length skirts feel great for outdoor travel, and even a knee-length midi skirt is perfect. Long skirts will take some care to not trail behind you or getting caught up with your luggage. You can wear a belt for extra style and a top.

Travel Jeans

They define a modern woman, and they give that sporty look. You wear them during hiking, walking down the streets, during a long walk on the beach, or even while you go shopping in a crowded bazaar. You can wear them over a top, or a skirt and even a shirt look great with it. But the best thing about jeans is their pockets and zip. You can go for breathable fabric and skinny fit for the best chic look. 

Capri Pants

Women love their capri pants, and they are perfect for beaches and to be as casual as you can be when traveling. Anything goes great with a Capri, and you can wear a top, a cardigan, or a tank top. If it’s chilly out there, you can wear a sweater or a shawl, on top of a t-shirt. Sandals go great with a Capri, and loafers also look great, and in fact, you can go for any pair of flats with Capri pants.

Travel Wrap

Travel Wraps offer so much in one clothing – warmth, style, luxury. Travel Wraps offers comfort and warmth due to their cashmere wool, and are the best for winter travel, when you are sipping on that hot soup at a local café, or sailing on a cruise boat. They resemble closely a blanket, rather than look like a sweater. They are open, that’s the best thing about them. Wrap them around, make them into a sling


If it is one thing that gives you both style and comfort, it is the Poncho. Women love being in one, as they are so versatile. They double up as a wrap, and while traveling, they give you style and comfort. You can style them whichever way you won’t – wear them over long sleeve t-shirts and pair them with leggings or jeans. Striped tops look great with a poncho, and you can take your time mixing and matching them and adding your own unique style.


Skorts are for those women who are the sporty types, who want to ooze a style and subtle charm while traveling. A skort looks great with a printed tee, and you can choose a formal look with it or wear it as casual wear while traveling with friends. They are best for sports activities like playing on a golf course, or shooting balloons, or even while hiking and walking down a hill.