Packing your travel bags and going off on your vacation? Traveling solo or with a group? Everyone needs some travel accessories, and it is more so, for international travel needs. So check if you have ticked all those essential travel gear you will need on your next trip, and to help you, here’s a list of all the best travel accessories that every traveler will need.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Inflatable Neck Pillow absorbs the shocks and bumps when traveling in trains or cars. It is made of soft material and wraps around the neck easily. It relaxes the neck muscles, while you sleep and is a great travel accessory to have with you, wherever you go. In long-distance flights, it is great for relaxing your head while you read a book or even doze off to a quick nap.

Eye Mask

An eye mask lets you sleep, and it’s a useful travel accessory. You will need it if you want to relax before you board a flight, or on long-distance train journeys. Just wrap it over your eyes and sleep. It comes in handy when you have difficulties falling asleep or even relaxing while driving in a car too.

Power Bank

Charging your smartphone is vital when traveling, and a Power Bank helps you charge your phone on the go. A Power Bank is the best travel gadget and accessories to have in these days of mobile phones. A plug point is hard to find in many places, and at such times a Power Bank comes in handy.

LifeStraw Water Bottle

When you have your own personal water purifier with you while you are traveling, it becomes a great travel accessory. LifeStraw water bottles will not just purify water, it is portable and you can carry it in your backpack and sip on the water when you are traveling. You get pure, filtered water whenever you need it.

Ear Plugs

You need to shut all those sounds with an earplug when you are traveling. Earplugs are great travel essentials and are especially useful when taking a quick nap on a long flight or train travel. On roads, it is a perfect accessory to have for those who hate honking sounds.

Safety Locks

Locking your suitcase, trolley, or tote bags is of utmost importance in travel, and a Safety Lock will lock them up. Safety Locks can be those old locks and keys or one of the automatic ones with combination lock types. You can also pick a luggage strap with unique colors to help identify your bags.

Swiss Knife

You get so many tools in one, and it sure is a useful travel accessory to have. Swiss Knife will go easily into your pockets and are a versatile travel tool. You get a screwdriver, scissor, bottle opener, can opener, blades and so many other utilities in one Swiss Knife. The best thing about it is that you never know when they will be useful to you.

First Aid Kit & Medicines

Prone to motion sickness? Injured your finger while climbing? Or feeling feverish after all those traveling. You can’t travel without medicines, and when talking of medicines, you need to store them somewhere safe. A First Aid Kit comes conveniently with separate compartments for storing your pills and capsules. It is one of the most essential travel accessories to have with you.

Passport Cover

A passport is one of the major travel documents you will need if you are traveling to a foreign country, and what better way to protect it from accidental spills and getting torn during hectic travel is to keep it safe in a Passport Cover. It will fit into your luggage or backpack, and you can also keep some cash or credit cards in different pockets in your Passport Cover.

Resealable Plastic Bags

Traveling becomes easy and convenient when you have Resealable Plastic Bags with you. You can keep food sachets, jewelry, medicines, paper soaps, and in fact, anything you may think of. They are great at organizing your travel luggage and handy enough to store them in your backpack.

Magnetic Compass

Don’t rely on just your smartphone to give you directions. It is so useful to take a Magnetic Compass with you, just in case your smartphone runs out of battery. Magnetic Compass is particularly useful for hiking and camping trips when you want to find your way among the rugged mountains where the mobile signal is weak.

Tripod/ Selfie Stick

While traveling, it is not always certain that you will find someone who will hold your camera while you are posing for a shot. Those times, a tripod will hold your smartphone or DSLR camera and shoot, while you are posing with the backdrop of blue mountains. A Selfie Stick also is great for group photos while traveling.

Torch/ Hiking Lantern

Having a torch makes it easy to find your way in the darkness of forests, or in cases of a blackout in your hotel. Also, a Hiking Lantern will come pretty much in handy when you are hiking on a mountainous trail. Most of these are solar-powered, so you will not need extra batteries to charge them. A Hiking Lantern is easy to hold and the LED light won’t burn your hands too.


Don’t forget to take your binoculars when traveling. They can be extremely unique travel accessories to have. You will be able to zoom in on those alpine peaks or the Hornbill on the tree and see them in fine detail. Binoculars come in different zoom ranges, and you should include them in your list of must-have travel equipment. For those going to national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, or hill stations, they should take a binocular with them.

Collapsible Water Bottle

The importance of a water bottle need not be emphasized at all, and while you are traveling, you should take one, even if you get mineral water by paying for it. But a Collapsible Water Bottle is a most unique travel accessory to have with you, as it will not take space in your luggage bag, and it will fold itself.

Universal Adapter

International travelers will need a Universal Travel Adaptor for charging their phones in foreign countries where input and output current and voltage vary. You can charge two devices and you should check their specifications. With most Universal Travel Adaptors you should be able to charge your cameras, mobiles, laptop, and other devices.