From the icy peaks of the French Alps to the world-famous French architecture at Versailles, there are so many incredibly gorgeous sights to see in France. There are so many things you can do in France, from skiing down the slopes of snowy mountains to exploring art in the museums. Down below is the list of some of the top things to do in France.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

In Paris, you can climb one of the best attractions of Paris – the iconic Eiffel Tower. Tourists generally climb stairs up to the second floor and then take a lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower. As you go up, the views of Paris and the Seine River become increasingly panoramic. There are buffet restaurants and MICHELIN restaurants on the first and second floors where you can dine on lip-smacking delicacies while feasting your eyes on the vistas before you.

River Cruise in Seine River

When in Paris, you should not leave before you cruise down the Seine on a riverboat. A sunset cruise is particularly romantic. There are double-decker cruise boats, providing audio narration in several world languages. You will be able to see the most famous Paris attractions, bridges, and monuments from your boat. A boat ride can take one hour, and on some cruises, you can also have dinner on board.

Revisit Medieval Europe at Mont Saint-Michel

The flamboyant medieval architecture of Mont Saint-Michel, a world heritage site, is a wonderful sight. Set on a coastal island in Normandy in northwestern France, Mont Saint-Michel was built in the 8th century and a major pilgrimage center for the Christian religion. Its towering spires, picturesque location, medieval villages, stained glass windows will transport you straight to an era of medieval Europe.

Surround yourself with gothic architecture at Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just an hour’s drive from Paris, and tourists can visit the Hall of Mirrors, which has arches alongside a huge passageway, decorated with mirrors. Royal Chapel, Grand Trianon, Royal Opera of Versailles, Versailles Cathedral are other stunning buildings you can tour. The Gardens of Versailles have rare flowers, landscaped lawns, and sculptures.

Visit world-famous works of art at the Louvre

At the Louvre – one of the finest museums in the world – you will walk among such famous works of art like the celebrated painting of Mona Lisa, the Greek sculpture of Vénus de Milo, La Liberté Guidant le Peuple among many others. The entrance to the Louvre is no less stunning with its glass pyramid architecture, and inside there are rare treasures like French crown jewels, works of art by Michelangelo, and Egyptian, Roman, Medieval relics.

Follow the Cider Trail at Normandy

The Normandy Cider Route is one of the most picturesque walks in Normandy, where you will come across the most beautiful scenic landscapes. There are green pastures, low woodlands, lovely farmhouses and barns, mansions, apple orchards. Sample some apple cider, or go underground to explore the wine cellars. You will come across beautiful villages such as Beuvron-en-Auge and restaurants on this fantastic rural tour of Normandy.

See the ethereal beauty of the Cliffs of Etretat

When you wonder at the white cliffs of Etretat, you know what inspired Monet. The cliffs and their eerie rock formations are the most exciting sights of Normandy. Tourists can take a walk on the shores to admire the cliffs and go through the various cuts in the cliffs to other beaches. Don’t forget to take a stroll through Etretat Gardens to admire the sculptures and artworks.

Admire water lilies at Monet’s Garden

If you love the water lilies series of oil paintings by Monet, then visiting the place that inspired him is no less of a thrill. Giverny is a small village and the garden here is what inspired Monet to create some of his most famous paintings. You can visit Monet’s house and feast your eyes on the greenery of the garden and the water lilies.

See the rural charm of The Loire Valley

Loire Valley is a region where there are such imposing castles like the Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau with their massive gothic architecture, and historic churches like Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres. Loire Valley is famous for its wineries and a balloon ride will show you picturesque towns and villages. You can also ride a bike through the green pastures of Loire Valley and explore French art and rural charm.

Go kayaking at Gorges du Verdon

At Gorges du Verdon, you can rent a kayak for a day and ride the Verdon River as it winds its way among the towering mountains of the French Alps. You can also go on hiking trails and take your time to admire the scenic beauty of the place. You can also swim in many places like Lake Sainte- Croix, Lake Castillon, and Lake Esparron. There are gourmet restaurants where you can dine on fabulous French dishes.

Hang out with the rich at the French Riviera

In southern France, the Côte d’Azur or French Riviera is the best to experience the uber-rich lifestyle of the rich and famous. Here you can gamble at the casinos at Monte Carlo, or spot a celebrity at Cannes. Monaco is famous for its beaches, and there are small islands to explore, medieval coastal villages. Cities like Nice are great for sightseeing and there are places like Menton and Saint Tropez with their laid-back vibes and relaxed atmosphere.

Winter sports at the French Alps

This towering world of the French Alps with its icy mountains is a boon for ski resorts and winter sports. There are regions like the Chamonix Valley with its natural landscapes of mountain streams, alpine woodland, and snow-covered peaks. You can go sleighing, snowboarding, and ice skiing. Soak yourself in a thermal spa, ride a cable car, indulge in French cuisine, explore villages and take stunning photographs.

Prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux II

Lascaux is renowned all over the world for its prehistoric cave paintings. You cannot visit the actual caves, but the cave replicas at Lascaux II are no less striking. You will have to explore the caves by the light of a lamp or torch as there no sunlight is allowed to pass through. Guides will walk through the caves and tell them about these unique cave art and shed some light on the prehistoric world in which these paintings were made.