Situated in central America is a place mostly visited by tourists, Costa Rica has a wide range of Natural habitats to provide visitors such as rainforests, mountains, beaches, resorts, parks, forests, and rivers. A mixture of fun and wild places is what Costa Rica is made of, you get to enjoy the crouching sun doing yoga or engage in an excavation in one of the wild caves. 

There are many things to know about Costa Rica as it is a well-known destination for a family package with lots of fun-filled adventures, family resorts, and beaches. To know more about Costa Rica read this Costa Rica travel guide.

Best Areas to Stay in Costa Rica 

Papagayo Peninsula – one of the luxurious places to stay surrounded by calm and serene nature with beautiful landscapes, you can engulf yourself in boating or swimming. You can select any resort as preference but all these resorts will provide you with luxurious experiences. Make sure to taste some mouthwatering local and international cuisines.

San Jose– a perfect blend of American-European architecture with a rich and modern touch, this place is specially built with cultural belonging hence you can get to know about the cultures of Costa Rica too. In between make sure to enjoy the plays, dramas, and ballets performed in the National Theater. Another specialty of this place is it gives a perfect nightlife experience with live music from both local and International musicians. 

Monteverde– flourished with green and constant fog amidst the soulful biodiversity is a perfect place for all nature lovers. This place isn’t only about nature it also provides a variety of food that will always be remembered. You can go ziplining through the forest or enjoy a perfect coffee as the most distinguished coffee producers are present here. Visiting Monteverde should be a must in your top places to visit in Costa Rica.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Cahuita– a romantic destination for a couple looking to relax with a calm, chill, and beach setup. You can also be involved in some adventure as it provides you with a tour of the most beautiful Flora and Fauna. If you are a chocoholic then do not miss the opportunity to visit the cocoa area. 

Tamarindo – one of the best and most luxurious surfing places in Costa Rica, it is also the foundation for surfing. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can enjoy surfing. It’s not only about surfing, you can enjoy some delicious meals on a calm and breezy beach. 

Best places to visit in Costa Rica 

Cahuita – a town next to the national park is a place for a rest. You can chill or relax here after a day of entertainment, adventure, and fun by having a sip of drinks or reading something. You will find a bar that is sometimes fully booked or partially booked either way this place will offer you relaxation.

Corcovado – is one of the largest National Parks, Although it is not easily attainable the result is worth the risk, you can go hiking and camping and also get to know about marine and wildlife. The beaches will provide you with a beautiful and calm environment. You can finish off the adventures by sipping some local juices or some food.

Arenal – This place has a lot of fun activities to interest you, caving, hiking, canyoning, rafting, bird-watching, sunset views, and wildlife spotting. This place is unique for volcanoes that erupt from time to time. If you are lucky enough you will get to witness the flowing of volcanoes. This place is one of the most visited places.

Santa Teresa– is a place of calmness and silence, most people hit this beach early morning to relax and have some self-time. It is less crowded as it is more of a chilled place. You will get to see shops, hotels, yoga centers, and restaurants here.

Poas Volcano– an active volcano filled with sulfur lakes, Hit here early morning to get a perfect view you may feel this place as a painting as the water is still. You will also get to witness a waterfall Garden and coffee plantation therefore visiting this place will not meet your expectations. 

Top things to do in Costa Rica 

Surfing- Costa Rica is magnificently known for its waves for surfing, and many travelers around the world come here to spend some quality surfing time. You will find many places to surf, but remember some places are for beginners while others are for pros hence make sure to get to know about the level of the place.

Hot springs– you can soak yourself in the natural hot springs here. These will give you a soothing and warming soul to take back home, it also acts as a spa and a resort for relaxation. There are some safest places for you to spend some time as a family or solo.

Zip lining- Indulge yourself in some wild experiences by engaging in zip lining in any of the safe forests, You will be guided by the officers regarding the dressings and the methods of trekking, give it a try and you will enjoy the vacation.

Bird watching– You will get to witness a variety of birds including the country’s national bird emerald-hued resplendent quetzal, You will be able to see some beautiful colored birds that beautify the sky through their wings. Take a guide with you to learn more about these species.

Coffee tour- Take a stop at the coffee place to learn the procedures of coffee making, packing, and distributing, Costa Rica’s most important export is Coffee hence they have a higher demand for it. You will get to sip some delicious coffee made by the locals. 

Best time to Visit Costa Rica 

One of the most important facts to remember while planning the vacation is the off-seasons, this guide will provide you with detailed timings to visit here. Usually, this place is crowded during New Year and Christmas if you prefer a less crowded time visit here two weeks later. July and August seem less rainy and less crowded. But September and October are some dry seasons for you to enjoy the rainforests.

What to Avoid in Costa Rica?

Getting to know about the dos and don’ts before visiting a place will save you time and energy, here are some of the things to avoid during your stay in Costa Rica 

  • Do not leave your valuables in the hotels or the resorts you stay in.
  • Avoid swimming at night as the waves are too vulgar even for the trained swimmers.
  • Do not be reckless while driving as the roads of Costa Rica are slippery and curvy and as a visitor, you may find it impossible to maintain the speed.
  • Never feed the animals, especially monkeys, You may feel like getting a cute picture but it will risk your life, and belongings and may lead to spoiling the vacation.
  • Try learning some Spanish to make a good impression on the locals. 

How to travel in Costa Rica? 

Bus– cheap, reliable, and comfortable. You can check the schedules and get one according to the destination.

Taxi– another flexible, and comfortable mode to travel around cities and towns, but if you are in a remote area make sure to contact them before the designated time as it may be delayed due to various reasons, also Make sure to negotiate with the fares.

Planes– there are domestic planes to make your vacation more simple and comfortable, you can simply get a plane to travel around Costa Rica by checking the time and the places to be visited

How to Find Best Costa Rica Vacation Packages?

A vacation is a long list to cover and the most important point to note is the packages, to find out the best packages you must be aware of the things to check with the travel agencies, here are some 

Fare- Find more than one agency that is available during the vacation period compare their prices and then finalize one.

Follow up do not wait till one agency gets back to you in another call, contact various other agencies and get a follow-up of their available discounts and accommodations.

Consult others– it is very important to get the views and opinions of others who have already traveled to the agency you selected. By doing so you can avoid unnecessary problems and issues.


Your vacation to Costa Rica is going to give you worthy memories to take back home, so make sure you enjoy all the things mentioned above. 

By reading the guide you will know the top things to do in Costa Rica and the places to visit. Costa Rica has some magnificent rainforests, flora, and fauna to provide a good memory hence remember to pack all essentials to gear up for the next vacation.

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