Have you ever seen a sunset? Do you want to experience watching the sunset at the world’s best location? The warm tropical breezes engulfing you with live songs of the legendary Bob Marley playing? Negril’s Ricks Café is one of the famous tourist spots of Jamaica. Rick’s Café Jamaica is known for its sunset views, cool atmosphere, and diving.

Ricks Café is located at 35 feet height on the western end of Jamaica. The beauty of this Jamaican café lies not only in its beautiful surroundings but also in the cuisines they offer. Adding to the appeal of the café is the live band that plays occasionally. Try cliff diving at Rick’s café in Negril Jamaica or simply enjoy the cuisine and the tropical cocktails, it is bound for everyone to have something to do at this Jamaican café.

Read on to plan your travel to Ricks Café Jamaica!

Where is Ricks Café Jamaica?

Ricks Café is located on the west end of Jamaica in Negril. Situated at a 35-foot height, the café offers one of the best views in the world. Ricks Café Jamaica was founded by Richard Hershman in 1974. Since then, Ricks Café Jamaica has become a famous spot for the locals and tourists to enjoy the stunning sunset view and jump at Rick’s café in Jamaica Negril.

Add to your bucket list to travel to this breathtaking destination in Negril, Jamaica. You will enjoy the beautiful sunsets, historical significance, and cliff jumping.

Best time to visit Rick’s Café Jamaica

The afternoon between 2pm and 3 pm is the best time to visit this Jamaican Rick’s Café. As you can view the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the perfect time to enjoy the Ricks Café Jamaica jump height into the ocean.

People over there enjoy the Ricks Café Jamaica Jump and drinks. If you are not planning to jump, you can get back by 4 pm and taste the refreshing beverages of the café.

How to visit Jamaica Ricks Café?

On reaching Negril you can opt to hire a taxi or public transportation or you can plan to rent a car. You can even plan to book an organized tour. Once you have reached Rick’s Café, you can now enjoy the delicious Ricks Café Jamaica menu of jerk chicken, seafood, and delicious cocktails and at the same time enjoy the stunning views.

After your dinner is over, you can plan to witness the beautiful sunset view and cliff jumping. You can plan to visit the Jamaica Rick Café diving point. The Jamaica Rick’s café diving price is about US$20. This price covers trained lifeguards for the cliff diving show and security that are on duty that helps to keep the tourists safe. Entry to the café is free.

Key Things to Know about Jamaica Rick’s Café

  • Cliff Diving :

Rick’s café in Jamaica cliff diving gives a thrilling experience for people who love nature. This activity is a wonderful experience for the visitors as the Rick’s Café Jamaica cliff height is 25 feet and has ledges that range above the water about 8 to 40 feet.

Diving into the depths of the cliff will give you a fantastic experience and is the best way to add an adventure to your vacation. Enjoy cliff diving with a beautiful sensation of the surrounding landscape. It is the best way to keep yourself cool in the heat.

There are different diving platforms to jump from. The lower ledge is about 8 ft above the water for visitors who are new to this experience. For the challenger, the height is 40 feet above the water level. Diving from this point is yet not allowed. Visitors have to take all the required precautions and should have an experienced person together during the dive.

The Rick’s Café Jamaica cliff diving experience will be unforgettable for anyone, whether a beginner who is just looking to dip their toes in the water or an experienced diver who is always ready for a challenge.

  • Stunning View of the Sunset

Jamaica Rick’s Café sunset experience is something that you will never want to miss. This iconic point attracts all the locals and tourists to view the perfect sunset. During the sunset cruise, the visitors can also enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling.

After the sunset, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful islands surrounding it. The sky is filled with colors of pink and bright orange. The water is seen filled with life, like dolphins, turtles, and birds. Tourists after the sunset enjoy the delicious drinks and delicious appetizers from the Rick’s Café bar.

The best way to end your day is to view the sunset in Jamaica. You can choose to relax or enjoy the water activities. After the cruise is over, you can stay at the café to watch the live entertainment. So don’t forget to carry your travel camera.

  • Live Entertainment

Rick’s café Jamaica is the best place for entertainment with live music, dancing, and reggae bands. This goes on through the night. This unique place gives beautiful views of the sunset. This particular place makes it an ideal place to watch the sky come with bright colors. The live music and entertainment are worth staying in the café all through the night.

The lively atmosphere with guests singing and clapping along with the reggae bands playing their popular and beautiful tunes. This place gives its visitors the special attraction of viewing the stunning sunset and enjoying the vibrant music which is magical.

For tourists in Jamaica who are looking for an unforgettable moment, Rick’s Café Jamaica is the best choice to visit.

  • Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Rick’s café Jamaica is a blender of flavors of the world offering a delicious and unique combination. You can taste the island’s fresh seafood, jerk chicken, and many other Caribbean dishes. You can dine anywhere either inside or outside with the drinks that are worth trying.

  • Rick’s Café Jamaica Live Cam Experience

The Rick’s Café Jamaica live cam experience is unique and exhilarating. You can view the stunning sunset or enjoy the West End Cliffs. You can experience the live-streaming view of the sunset and also capture the moment. This live cam experience gives 360-degree panoramic views of the nearby beach where visitors are seen on the sand, or doing activities like parasailing or snorkeling.

This beautiful landscape makes the place perfect for videographers and photographers. This is an unforgettable experience. The beautiful views of Jamaica, the history of Rick’s Café Jamaica, and the sunsets make the place the best destination.

Best places to visit near Ricks Café Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is one of the best places to visit near Rick’s Café Jamaica. The place offers various activities to do at Jamaica Rick’s cafe and breathtaking views for its visitors. This is the longest beach in Jamaica as it is seven miles long. The beach has white sand and the water is crystal clear which makes it best for swimming, diving, snorkeling, or sunbathing.

There are other activities also like horse riding, parasailing, and fishing. The beach fills its visitors with exciting nightlife, restaurants, and bars that offer their best Jamaican cuisine. There are many resorts near Jamaica Rick’s café to unwind and soak up in the sun while relaxing. Additionally, the nearby area is known for duty-free shopping. Visitors find the best deals for local souvenirs.

Negril Lighthouse

Negril Lighthouse is located on the western tip of the island. The Negril Lighthouse is 28 meters tall and is made up of limestone blocks. The place has the unique symbol of Negril and is also the best tourist attraction. This is an iconic landmark to visit if you are in Jamaica.

YS Falls

YA Falls is a seven-tiered waterfall that cascades into a large pool of crystal-clear water. The YS falls are surrounded by tropical vegetation, that includes the vineyard tree. The perfect destination for visitors who are looking to relax and have an adventure at the same time like rappelling, swimming, and ziplining.

Bloody Bay

Bloody Bay is famous for its crystal clear water and stunning views. Bloody Bay is a favorite to its visitors because of its natural beauty, beautiful sunset views, and tranquil waters. Some of the top things to do at Rick’s Café Jamaica are swimming, scuba diving into the sea life and colorful coral, and snorkeling.

There are many restaurants and resorts available nearby which are accessible by boat or car. You can also enjoy boating and fishing at Bloody Bay. Whether you are a regular visitor or a starter, the Bay offers something for every visitor.


Rick’s Café Jamaica is the perfect destination for visitors who are looking to relax and have an adventure. There are countless adventures and experiences from cliff diving to sunset cruises to immerse yourself at Rick’s café. A unique place to enjoy the beauty of nature with its astonishing ocean views and observe the best sunsets.