Bahamas is situated to the southeast of Florida. It has a chain of around 700 beaches in the Atlantic Ocean. You will be amazed to find yourself in miles of powered white sand and different shades of blue waters. Bahamas has stunning landscapes that every beach lover would dream of visiting.

Bahamas is considered the highest-rated tourist destination. This vacation island not only offers white sand and beaches but also has various unusual fun activities to do.

Here is a list of all the top things to do in Bahamas, ranging from the Nassau to the Out Islands. Look before you get ready for a beautiful holiday in Bahamas.

Top Things To Do in Bahamas

Scuba Dive at the highest Barrier reef

One of the unique things to do in Bahamas is scuba diving at the barrier reef. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in the Bahamas. Bahamas is famous for its crystal clear turquoise blue water. Adding to its beauty is the marine life that excites scuba diving. To your knowledge, Bahamas is the house of the third largest barrier reef in the world. Because of this, you can find professional scuba divers around the world here.

Andros Barrier Reef is the most recommended reef in the Bahamas which is approximately 190 miles in length. It starts about 8-feet below the sea level. Apart from this, you can do snorkeling and scuba diving in many other adventurous spots.

Get excited through crazy waterslides at Paradise Island Water Wark

If you want exciting things to do in Bahamas for families visit the biggest Atlantis Bahamas Resort. It houses the beautiful Paradise Island Water Park. The Park is located towards the north fringes. This is the best option if you are traveling with your family as this will keep everyone engaged and excited.

The beautiful and exciting attraction is the splash pools and the water slides if you are looking for the mainstream splash fest. For adventurous people who are looking for more, can head towards the crazier and bigger rides like the Leap of Faith. This ride sends people down from the top of the Aztec temple. People looking for relaxation can relax in the lazy river. So, if you are thinking of popular things to do in Bahamas Atlantis, visit the Paradise Island Water Park.

Love the wildlife at Lucayan National Park

One of the most unique things to do in Nassau Bahamas is to visit the wildlife at the Lucayan National Park located on the Southern coast. The beautiful landscape of beaches, mangrove swamps, weaving boardwalks, and pine forests will give pleasure to your eyes. Tourists who are in love with animals and birds will adore this beautiful place. Ensure that you have your binoculars before you move to visit this place.

The intriguing thing about this place is the cave system. You should peep inside these caves to see the bats and other wildlife of the jungle.

Love to sip some rum-based drinks – Cocktails

If there was an award in the Bahamas to be given to the most loved drink, then it would be to Rum 3. This is the favorite Bahamas things to do. Yes, Rum 3 is very much popular in the Bahamas. Visit any restaurant or bar, either a five-star or a beach shack, the taste of the tasty rum cocktails that are served will amaze you.

This is attributed to the old historic days when the pirates had landed here and there was bootlegging because of the ban in the United States. Thus, one of the most important things to do in Bahamas is to visit any pub and take a sip of the rum cocktail served here.

Shop at the Port Lucaya Market

If on vacation and thinking about what to do in Bahamas, visit the beautiful painted yellow, pink, turquoise, and green shades of Port Lucaya Market. Walking in the market will make you feel aesthetically pleasing like you are walking with nature. The market has more than 40 boutique outlets selling different types of handicrafts, clothes, accessories, and many other things.

The market is tall and looks vibrant at the harbor’s edge on Grand Bahama. Eager shoppers can visit the central plaza and enjoy shopping at the local straw crafts. You can hang around and even enjoy the nightlife and DJ shows of the town.

Enjoy the madness at Junkanoo

Junkanoo is the Caribbean’s highest celebrated carnival. It is the national festival of Bahamas. The carnival is celebrated on New Year’s Day and Boxing Day in downtown Nassau. It is an exciting carnival that is celebrated for four days representing the Bahamian culture and traditions. It is celebrated with music, street parades, and participants wearing colorful costumes. The essence of the festival Junkanoo is to celebrate joy and happiness.

Junkanoo is enjoying life and loving your heritage through dance, food, music, friends, and family with joy. There are other carnival events taking place during that time, which include JunkaMania, Midnight Rush, Road Fever, and Music Maters.

Swim with Dolphins at Bimini Islands

Swimming with Dolphins is one of the top things to do in Bimini Bahamas. There are various islands in the Bahamas that you can visit for this experience. This includes Dolphin Blue Lagoon Island, Wildquest, and Sanctuary Bay on the Bimini Islands. There are many programs held where people who love to bottlenose friendly with the dolphins who love to dance, show off, play, and share their love with kisses.

Though there are many places to visit, Blue Lagoon is the most popular to visit. From Nassau, you can take a ferry ride to the Blue Lagoon. You can watch a circus of dolphin performance here. So here’s your chance to swim with the most intelligent mammals in the ocean.

Make a memorable stroll at the Garden of Groves

If you wondering about things to do inFreeport Bahamas, a perfect escape from the hustle, and spend your quality time with leafy roads, lush oases, and waterfalls, visit the Garden of Groves, the best place to relax in the Bahamas.

You can plan to visit the picturesque chapel, the best place for prayer, meditation, and weddings. The garden has a limestone labyrinth. Get inspired by the zoo which is filled with pygmy goats and pot-bellied pigs. The garden is U.S. Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat certified. The best place for birdwatchers who are in search of migratory birds.

Dip your toes in the Pink Sand Beaches

Yes, the white-powered Sand beaches of the Bahamas are beautiful and known to visit, but to add to the beauty are the Pink Sand beaches of the country. Harbour Island in the Bahamas is famous for its Pink Sand Beaches. The pink color of the sand comes from the microscopic insects named Foraminifera. It has a bright red or pink shell which is full of holes. This when mixed with the water, gives a pink shade to the beach.

The water of this Pink Sand Beach is always calm and warm throughout the year. You can click beautiful memories here with families and loved ones.

Spend a Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas

A day at Cococay is the best thing for a visitor to enjoy unlimited experiences on a safe and private island being a part of the cruise. This luxury day is one of the famous things to do at Cococay Bahamas. Imagine this perfect day with the sun shining, a beautiful location, and spending time doing your favorite activities with friends and family. This is the idea that the Royal Caribbean had, after revamping their private island for the cruisers as the Perfect Day at the Cococay Bahamas.

This amazing experience includes beautiful beach with water slides, park rides, highest helium balloon ride which is 450 feet above the Cococay. It has the biggest wave pool, the largest freshwater pool known as the Oasis Lagoon. Go and plan your perfect day.

Walk on the Glass Window Bridge

You will certainly get breathless as you walk on the Glass Window Bridge located at the Northern end of Eleuthera Island. The bridge is about 80 feet above the ocean. The Glass Window Bridge is about two miles east to the Upper Bogue and then ahead joins the Gregory Town. The land is high on both sides, falling abruptly to the sea level. This divides the island into two.

The Glass Window Bridge joins the north and south points of the island. Drive on this one-way bridge giving you a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


Some of the unique and interesting cheap things to do in Paradise Island Bahamas to swim with Pigs at the Pig Beach, watch the Pirates of the Nassau Museum, visit the Versailles Garden, and many other places.

You can visit the traditional ports like the Freeport or Nassau, take a culinary tour, visit Paradise Island, or Atlantis, or just decide to watch along the beach with your loved ones. Go shopping at the Freeport, or choose snorkeling.

Bahamas has around 16 islands, decide the best one on the type of vacation you are looking for.