If you’re concerned about where to stay when in Bahamas, you are right where you need to be.

The Bahamas mainly comprises the Grand Bahama Island and Nassau for most travelers. But it has a lot more to offer for those who look closely. In this post, we walk you through ten gorgeous locations in the Bahamas. From the cheapest to the most extravagant options, we’ve listed the best places to stay in the Bahamas.

Best Places To Stay in Bahamas

1.      New Providence Island

First on the list is, of course, New Providence Island. It is the central commercial hub that drives millions of visitors annually. It is home to Nassauthe capital city of the Bahamas’.

New Providence Island provides just the right amount of hustle and bustle for the explorers. It boasts some of the prime attractions in the Bahamas, like-

  • Lyford Cay
  • South Ocean Golf Course
  • Pirates of Nassau Museum
  • National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

New Providence Island is one of the best places to stay in Bahamas for adults who enjoy socializing and don’t want to miss out on any action. It hosts some of the best restaurants and has an electrifying nightlife.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau
  • Rosewood Baha Mar
  • The Island House

2.      Paradise Island

Situated very close to New Providence Island is Paradise Island. It is home to the Atlantis resort which is a popular tourist spot throughout the year.

Paradise Island is famous for family vacations. And for those wondering where to stay in Atlantis Bahamas, you need to look at Paradise Island. It has several kid-friendly and safe places to stay along with multiple attractions.

Aquaventure is a waterpark on the island and it also has a cinema to keep children entertained. The beaches and restaurants also promote a comfortable ambiance with kids in mind. It is a 141-acre waterpark that runs along the beautiful white sand beaches of Paradise Island.

For the explorer in you, Paradise Island gives you the chance to snorkel with hundreds of stingrays. It is a program that you can enjoyfor up to 45 minutes.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • The Cove at Atlantis
  • Comfort Suites Paradise Island
  • Riu Palace Paradise Island

3.      Eleuthera Island

For those of you looking for the best areas to stay in Bahamas for honeymoon, Eleuthera Island is the perfect location. It is amongst the best places to stay in Bahamas for couples.

It is a chain of islands considered to be the birthplace of the Bahamas. The architecture, pink sand beaches, and isolated coves attract millions of tourists throughout the year.

Eleuthera is easily accessible thanks to the three airports. Plus, you get a ferry service from Nassau to reach the beautiful islands.

What’s even more inviting about Eleuthera Islands is the crime rate. The Eleuthera Islands are minimally violent in comparison to other Bahamian Islands. This makes them a haven for couples (and families) wanting a break.

Fun Fact – The Late Princess Diana along with Prince Charles went on a romantic hideaway in 1982 to the Eleuthera Islands.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • The Cove Eleuthera
  • Pineapple Fields
  • La Bougainvillea

4.      Harbour Island

Probably the most secluded and exclusive island in the Bahamas. Harbour Island is a favourite among celebrities. George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and many others own private properties in the area. They don’t have to look where to stay in Harbour Island Bahamas.

It is Instagram-worthy with its stunning beaches and fancy restaurants. The pink sand on the beaches is exquisite and takes you to a different dimension altogether. Harbour Island also boasts some of the most high-profile restaurants in the Bahamas.

Although smaller, it is the best area for luxury travelers. The luxury isn’t easily accessible, however. To reach Harbour Island, travelers must first go to Eleuthera and then take a short ferry ride. This ferry ride from Eleuthera to Harbour Island will be picturesque, to say the least.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Valentines Residencies, Resort & Marina
  • Coral Sands Hotel

5.      The Exuma Islands

Untapped nature. This is enough to define the gorgeousness of the Exuma Islands. With zero footprints, it is the best place for nature enthusiasts.

Looking for cool places to stay in Exuma Bahamas is not easy given it is a 365-island group. Here, the celebrities come to meet local celebrities. Who, you ask?


You read that right. Celebrities stay on private islands to have a fun and relaxing time with these companions.

Other than swimming with the adorable four-legged buddies, you can snorkel and dive into the clear blue waters too.

While there are multiple theories as to how the pigs got there, there’s no surefire way to find out. We say enjoy the experience without diving too deep into the secrets of the Bahamians (no pun intended!).

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Grand Isle Resort & Residencies
  • Bahama Breezes

6.      Andros Island

The biggest island in the Bahamas—bigger than the sum of Bahamian islands combined. The population of the largest Bahamian Island? 8000 people only!

Yes. Despite its humongous size, Andros Island is not very highly populated.

However, if you’re looking for luxury, this may not be the best place to go.You will find many hotels and resorts to choose from but not many extravagant options.

Andros Island has more than 150 blue holes.

What are blue holes?

It is a cavern surrounded by a coral reef.

This Island is also popularly as the bonefish capital. Travelers get plenty of diving spots on this beautiful Island.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • The Cay House
  • Andros Beach Club
  • Nathan’s Lodge

7.      Cat Island

Cat Island is part of the “Out Islands”. It is situated about 150 km from Nassau. To get to Cat Island, you must take an additional plane ride.

Cat Island is a quiet and serene location for people wanting to ditch the chaotic life behind. Since it is one of the untouched areas in the Bahamas, you will not find many luxury hotels and resorts. Instead, guesthouses and small lodges will be the ideal choice on this Island. It is one of the cheapest places to stay in Bahamas all inclusive.

It is home to Mount Alvernia, the Bahamas’ biggest mountain.

The Island was named after an actual pirate-William Catt. If that doesn’t make Cat Island one of the coolest areas in the Bahamas, you need to think again.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Pigeon Cay Beach Club
  • Orange Creek Inn

8.      Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama Island is another island that is very close to Florida. It is also where Freeport, the second largest city in the Bahamas, is.

Grand Bahama is an all-inclusive alternative. There are a plethora of options for shopping, dining, and chilling. This does not mean it does not have anything to offer to nature lovers. It has at least 3 national parks,

  • Lucayan National Park
  • The Rand Nature Center
  • Peterson Cay National Park

The Sabor Restaurant (considered one of the Grand Bahamas’ hidden gems) is worth a visit. They use the freshest ingredients to serve delicious food.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach
  • Island Seas Resort

9.      Bimini Island

The Bimini Island was once home to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. It is only 80 kilometers east of Miami. It is the ideal spot for a day’s trip on a ferry ride. Martin Luther King Jr. also spent some time in Bimini to write his Nobel Prize acceptance speech here.

Throughout the prohibition era, it was a hotspot for illegal booze trafficking. The site where the wrecked ship is has become a popular tourist spot for scuba diving.

The Gulf Stream current brings in a lot of big fish to Bimini Island. This makes Bimini the best island in the Bahamas for sport fishermen.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Bay Inn Estates

10.  The Abaco Islands

The boating capital in the northern Bahamas is a tourist hotspot for boating and fishing. The water is calm and attracts a lot of tourists with access to private boats and yachts. Boaters from all over the world anchor at the marina in the Abaco Islands.

Abaco Islands also provides experiences like watching craftsmen build boats without any blueprints or machines. It is the place to visit in the Bahamas for artists, craftsmen, and divers.

Best Hotels and Resorts-

  • Bahama Beach Club Resort
  • The Sandpiper Inn & Cottages
  • Coconut Cabana
  • Firefly Sunset Resort

To Conclude

The Bahamas is beautiful when you know where you want to stay. Otherwise, it can overwhelm the best of us. Pick from the best places to stay in Bahamas for families and friends from the stunning options provided above.

Once you figure out which area to stay in the Bahamas you will need this list. It is packed with all the best resorts in the Bahamas. After that, all you need to do is book tickets and get on the plane.