Selecting St John Island for a vacation is a perfect decision, the island has a lot to offer the visitors, from beautiful crystal clear water to magnificent mountains. If you are a nature lover and an absolute adventure seeker then this place is the accurate getaway.

Be it on land or sea, it has a collection of adventures to offer you. This article will provide you with information on all-inclusive St. John Virgin Island resorts. Along with this, we have covered another article on the most amazing beaches of Jacksonville Florida.

Best all inclusive St. John Virgin Island Resorts

Estate Lindholm – a beautifully structured 18th-century building situated towards the center of Cruz Bay. it has cozy furnished rooms and a kitchen, the balcony has a very stunning beach view that will surely mesmerize you. You will see many eateries nearby. Take a stroll through the neighborhood to find some of the best places to taste the variety of dishes. The rooms are of stone wells and the ceilings are of wood. If you feel like resting, head out to the balcony and get the best view of the island. 

Lovango Resort and Beach Club- A place you’ll never forget and will help you relax with its serene surroundings. This resort also has Ferri services but you should book it in advance. You can book ferry services to go around the island and enjoy nature. Apart from all these, you can also get some good experiences in snorkeling, biking and hiking. 

Emerald Beach Resort- this is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in St John US Virgin Islands you will find. This resort is a multi-functional one, that is it can be booked by couples, families, or a single person; it includes packages for all categories. But everyone gets free Wi-Fi, free parking space, and a free welcome drink. You will get a good and serene view from the balcony and you can also relax and calm in the pool amidst the waterfall. 

Sea Shore Allure- this resort is situated among the restaurants, shops, and hiking trails hence it will give you a wild experience. There are many restaurants available within walking distance but if you feel for a home-cooked meal then you can utilize the kitchen that is fully stocked with necessary items. 

Best Resorts In St. John Virgin Island For Families

Coconut Beach Club– this resort has been constructed with a unique theme and beautifully carved with modern and elegant architecture. As this resort is situated towards the South you can get a good view of the sunrise and sunset in this place. If you are visiting as a family this is a perfect place for you, as it has activities such as Surfing, turtle watching and you can also get to know about the local culture. 

Sugar Bay Resort and Spa- one of the best things about this resort is it is attractively built to embrace the beauty of the private beach. You will be amazed by its various options for spending some quality time with the family, you can go to the spa and get treatments or if you are someone who prefers some physical activities then you can also go snorkeling, or get engaged in tennis or basketball. Furthermore, you can also visit the best hair salon for some stylish hair redo or go shopping. Apart from all these, it has a wide range of delicious cuisines suitable for all age categories.

Point Pleasant Resort- located among the lush green nature and a beautiful landscape is an excellent place for you to create a memorable vacation with your loved ones. All the rooms here are completely furnished with private balconies and spacious living areas. Meanwhile, you can also take a stroll through the historical neighborhood or boost yourself with some adventures like hiking.

Virgin Island Campground- this resort is right by the ocean, so you’ll feel super calm and relaxed throughout the stay. You can take a quiet walk on the beach or go for an adventurous trek if you’re up for it. Apart from all these activities you can also participate in camping which will add a beautiful memory to your family vacation. 

All-Inclusive Resorts In St. John Virgin Island For Couples

Cruz Bay Boutique Resort- a traditional and warm place with a calm ambiance situated as one of the best resorts on the island. This resort is also budget-friendly so you can spend more on the other spots as a couple. the place gives a very peaceful and relaxed environment and most importantly it also has all the necessary kitchen items. If you are planning for a long stay then this is the correct choice. 

Caneel Bay Resort- you can get a break from technology and connect with nature at this best romantic resort in St John US Virgin Island. This resort is beautifully adorned with traditional stonework. You will come across deer and monkeys wandering around the sugar plantation. That is the beauty of this place. You can go snorkeling and collect some beautiful memories as a couple with a delicious lunch made by the finest chefs around the island, finally, call it a day by just sitting around the beach and witnessing the sunset. 

Westin St.John Resort- one of the best places you can visit to ensure a memorable vacation, this resort offers unlimited facilities such as a tennis court, a fitness center, and a restaurant. You can enjoy the massive landscape here. You can also engage in some water activities on the private beach here. 

Gallows Point Resort- located in the middle of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Island is one of the best resorts that you can add to your vacation destination. The most astonishing part of this resort is the surrounding garden which adds beauty to the whole resort. You can swim anytime you wish as the pool is nearby. If you are someone who prefers home-cooked food then they have a fully furnished kitchen so there is nothing to worry about. You can also relax on the comfy sofa with an attached TV. do not forget to check out the snorkeling space where you can get involved in snorkeling. 

Cheap Resorts In St. John Virgin Island Inclusive

St.John Inn Boutique Hotel- situated at the center of Cruz Bay is a budget-friendly resort with easy access to shops, restaurants, and beaches. And the important thing is that the resort is fully furnished hence you do not need to worry about equipment. You will also get some additional amenities such as breakfast, dinner, a pool chair, towels, snorkel items, and a tour guide. You can also go for a hike or walk in the neighborhood to get some natural air.

Coral Bay St.John- a calm and quiet place suitable for relaxation is where this resort is situated. This resort itself is a calm place for you as it is away from the noisy city. You can get involved in hiking, or visit the historic sites nearby. There are many restaurants and shops so that you can spend some quality time either shopping or tasting their authentic food. Finally, you can end the day by seeing the sunset in front of the beach.

Reef Madness Villa- if you prefer privacy and a beautiful resort then head out to this place, this resort is usually optioned by couples who prefer some time to relax. The resort is completely furnished with TV, Air conditioners, and comfy sofas. 

Sapphire Breeze- this resort is a complete happy and vibrant package that will make you disheartened to leave the place. The kitchen, living room, and dining room all are equally furnished and the room includes a king-size bedroom, a tiled bathroom, and a very beautiful ocean view. As the resort is very spacious you can spend some affordable quality time. 

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Luxury Resorts In St. John Virgin Island US

Concordia Eco Resort- if you are someone preferring to sleep under the sky by watching the stars then this resort has all the necessary equipment, they provide tents that can fit five guests hence this is an additional luxury for you. You can also enjoy the outdoor pool or just relax on the beach. They also provide free Wi-Fi and parking, so you don’t have to worry about social media restrictions. Enjoy your vacation with some tasty food options.

Cinnamon Bay Resort- a perfect place to connect yourself with nature and forget city life. 

This place should be a must on your bucket list, you can reconnect with nature by setting up tents and yurts towards the North Shore. The cafe here provides some delicious and luxurious breakfast and do not forget to taste the delicious lunch menu from the open food truck here. Another specialty of this resort is it provides equipment necessary for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboards so that you can enjoy the wildlife and collect memories on your vacation. 

Lavender Hill- if you want a vibrant vacation, this resort is the ideal choice. It offers a mix of colorful plants and animals like bougainvillea, palm trees, iguanas, and peacocks. The deluxe rooms are located near Cruz Bay which will give you a very luxurious experience, and the rooms are completely furnished with coolers, air conditioners, TVs, and beach chairs. 

Grande Bay Resort- just like the name it is very luxurious with a serene and beautiful sea view, this resort has a very luxurious and grand suite that has a separate club. The resort is completely furnished with a kitchen, bedroom, and necessary luxury items. You can access restaurants, clubs, and shops and this resort contains bars, swimming pools, and fitness centers additionally it also provides free Wi-Fi and parking space.


Whether you plan a solo, couple, or family vacation you must be very cautious about the places you select and the facilities they have. As you find out various destinations it is necessary to find the perfect resort.

To conclude, this article is all about the best resorts, the delicious cuisines and the best places you could visit and the activities to do. If you find this article useful then check out our most beautiful beaches to visit in the Bahamas