Jacksonville is a popular place among the folks for its beauty and the serenity of the place. It is also known as a getaway to Florida, the city is a complete package of restaurants, parks, and beautiful beaches.

Numerous wonderful beaches will mesmerize visitors, some travelers visit here just for the beaches, you can even name Jacksonville a home for beautiful beaches. This is a guide about the top beaches of Jacksonville, Florida.

Best Beaches of Jacksonville, Florida 

Although there are many beautiful beaches, you can find some best out of them, this is a list of the best beaches 

Jacksonville Beach– is a perfect place to engage in some recreational water sports, people also go fishing here, and the locals have nicknamed this beach Jax Beach. You can also take a shower and change your clothes as they have built convenient restrooms with spacious parking spots. After having a nice time at the beach you can go to a nearby restaurant and have a drink and watch the sunset too. This beach will add a long-lasting memory to your vacation.

Neptune Beach– if you are looking for a quieter beach then head out here, this beach is more common among the locals therefore it is less crowded. Another important point is that the beach welcomes pets too hence you can bring your pets and enjoy a nice family time. You will also witness people walking, cycling, and running along the shore. When you are done enjoying the water you can eat some hot and fresh food in any of the restaurants on the shore. This beach welcomes families and children.

Atlantic Beach– recommended for a romantic getaway, it is a small coastal area beach where you will find more locals, but it has a very long history. You can relax and enjoy the day on the beach by surfing or swimming, visiting this beach will also give you some peace as it is away from the city. Last but not least you can eat some delicious food like pizzas and chocolate desserts in the restaurants and cafes here.

Ponte Vedra Beach- if you prefer a distant getaway from the city then this is a fantastic selection as it is centered with two cities on either side, you can enjoy the morning on the beach and head out to one of the cities to enjoy and explore the place, not only that you can also do golfing as they have golf courses.

Fernandina Beach– situated on Amelia Island, the beach has a very unique and rich history of Florida also famous for golf and eight flag shrimp festivals. You can also find some affordable resorts and restaurants here, make sure you enjoy a good view of wildlife as it is one of the famous activities here. 

Hidden beaches of Jacksonville, Florida 

Vilano Beach– a beautiful and dreamy beach among the locals, this is famous for its restaurants, surfing, Broadwalk, fishing pier, and casual environment. During the olden days, this beach was selected by many to spend their days. You can sign off the day by relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sunset.

Driftwood Beach– this is one of the most visited and loved beaches of many visitors, best known for its nature, you will find beautiful scenery with long thin trees that will take you to another world. Not only that, the beach is full of big trees and beautiful giant black rocks on the shore. A perfect place for a perfect picture.

Shell Key preserve– a beach with white sand and crystal clear water, as it has no buildings the place is very beautiful and peaceful therefore you can go swimming, sunbathing, or strolling calmly and peacefully. You will also find turtles here, this beach is one of the Jacksonville beaches to visit during the vacation. 

Lovers Key State Park– one of the romantic destinations of Florida and where wedding ceremonies occur too, this beach consists of greenish blue water and a calm environment. You can enjoy swimming and lazing around here.

Dry Tortugas – unlike other beaches, it is covered with parks and islands, and you can enter the beach only by boat or any sea vehicle. The place will mesmerize you with its marine, and coral reefs. 

Beautiful beaches near Jacksonville, Florida

Peter’s Point Beachfront Park– this beach is one of the most visited beaches which contains clear sand and turquoise water, you can have a good view of the sea too. The park area will offer you plenty of activities such as horse riding, BBQ parties, or picnic areas. The area also has a very spacious parking lot.

Fort Clinch State Park– this beach is very calm and beautiful with the historic fort, the beach contains a calm and cool environment throughout the day, it is also one of the public beaches of Jacksonville, you can stroll through the park or you can even shower and use restrooms leisurely. On the other hand, you can enjoy swimming and fishing on the beach too.

Huguenot Memorial Park- this is a perfect beach for anyone who has dreamt of doing anything like driving, surfing, or bird watching. You can drive safely on the shore. The only thing to consider is that the sand isn’t moist, if you prefer to crash on waves with your surfboard then go ahead, you will be guarded by the lifeguards. As the park is home to tiny birds it is the best place to go bird watching without any inconvenience, this place will be surely loved by the kids as it offers a playground, fishing spots, and campgrounds.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park- it is listed as one of the beautiful beaches near Jacksonville FL, for its huge selection of activities for kids like biking, kayaking, walking, or campground, the beach also consists of white sand and crystal clear water. Towards the north, you will find erected wooden poles which are considered the surfer’s point, if you are a pro at surfing then you too can enjoy it here.

Little Talbot Island State Park– the interior of the beach is home to ecosystems, coral reefs, salty marshes, and wildlife. You can get maximum fun here by going swimming, kayaking, trailing, fishing, hiking, or surfing. If you are a photo freak then this is the best place for you, nothing beats nature, the roots that protrude outwards the beach and the beautiful sceneries will give you some beautiful pictures to take home. 

Best places to visit in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Zoo and Garden– this place has no age limit, you can witness almost 150 varieties of animals here from all over the world, like reptiles, large cats, elephants, and birds of prey. Not only that it also has a beautiful garden that is grown with magnificent flowering plants and a collection of other trees. 

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary- you will find all types of large endangered cats this place is considered as one of the most attractive places in Florida, and you will be able to witness lions, tigers, and bobcats. Not only that you will be taught an introduction video and will be guided throughout the session you can question them and click some good pictures.

Cummer Museum of Arts and Garden– ranked as one of the best places to go in Jacksonville Florida, it is a place of beauty and culture and you will get to witness more than 5000 pieces of art from different artists around the world. This place also has a very beautiful and stunning garden with a touch of Italian and England. You can take a look at the museum followed by the guides who will explain the history too. If you prefer a break then you can sit in the cafe and have a cup of hot tea or coffee.

St. John’s River Taxi– you can take these taxis towards the North and South to get a better view of the city and the sea. The important thing about this taxi is you need no destination as it will take you throughout the place, many passengers take one just for the happiness they get in the ride. 

Adventure Landing– one of the fun theme parks the kids and elders will enjoy. You can enjoy the day here as a family as it has adventures for kids and adults, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of games like roller-coaster, miniature golf, and water sports. This is one of the places that will make you never want to depart.

Cool things to do on Jacksonville beaches

Explore the neighborhoods– these neighborhoods are filled with magnificent trees along the street, beautiful architecture, arts, and delicious cuisines. While you walk through the streets you will get to witness the beauty of the place, make sure you don’t miss to witness the live art and cultural festivals. 

Friendship Fountain– this is considered one of the tallest and an iconic destinations in Florida, this fountain is used as a backdrop for firework displays. You can take a lunch break, do yoga, or catch up with a friend here. 

13th Floor Haunted House- if you are looking for some creepy experience then you must include this place in your list. You will get to witness clowns to entertain you, vampires to give you some scary moments, and little creepy bodies crawling in your boots. The main thing about this place is that you can visit here for any special occasion not only during Halloween. Therefore try to visit this place to entertain yourself.

Tree Hill Nature Center- is a perfect place for nature lovers as it is a very simple park with many activities for visitors. The biggest event that happens here is the butterfly festival in which people all around Florida take part. Apart from this, you can also witness many varieties of butterflies, hummingbirds, goats, lizards, frogs, and snakes you can feed and click some pictures too.

Museum of Science and History- not the usual boring museum this is an entertaining one that will guarantee a fun-filled educational tour for you. If you are taking the kids then they will be able to engage in some arts and crafts while you can learn about the historic things here. This place isn’t just skulls and bones, it presents some live animal shows and a beautiful planetarium, this place is a must in your list for learning and enjoyment. 


If your next vacation destination is Jacksonville then this guide will surely help you with whatever you need before you travel. Remember Jacksonville is not merely a place that is filled with beaches it also has beautiful flora and fauna, a heartwarming tradition and culture, terrific history, and mouth-watering cuisines. You can also check our guide on tropical places in the USA you must visit. But if you’re a beach lover and want to explore more such beaches, we suggest going through our detailed guide on the most beautiful beaches to visit in Bahamas

You may feel at home here as it offers both luxurious and affordable resorts and hotels for you to stay, and most importantly a perfect getaway for you as a family.