Ask someone where they plan to go for their next vacation—the answer is almost unanimous. HAWAII!

But Hawaii is a big island (no pun intended!). You cannot catch the first flight and be on your way. It is essential to plan the trip. Before you wander off, we have everything you need right here. From the best places to live in Hawaii to humble budget places to stay in Hawaii. Whether you’re on your honeymoon or with your family, you have come to the right place. We have put together this extensive guide to ensure your vacation to Hawaii goes smoothly.

We have also taken care of what you might need to carry. In this article, you will find a list of the things travelers generally pack for their Hawaii trips. Let’s start by looking at the best places to vacation in Hawaii!

6 best places to stay in Hawaii

Kauai Island

First on the list is the beautiful and scenic Kauai Island. This one is aimed especially at the filmaholic in you. The island’s ethereal appeal has made it a popular destination for Hollywood movies. You may recognize it in movies like Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a few scenes from the Fast and Furious series.

Other than this, your primary choice is between North or South Kauai. The northern part of Kauai is a tropical paradise whereas the south hosts many beaches. Halelea Forest Reserve and Pali Coast State Wilderness Park offer a plethora of greenery on the North Shore. For those looking for the best places to stay in Hawaii first time, towns like Princeville and Kalihiwai are a must-visit.

The South Shore is a tad bit more urbanized. Along with stunning beaches, it is also home to easily accessible tourist attractions.

If you’re looking for a fun beach time, we recommend visiting the South Shore in Kauai. It receives very little rainfall in comparison to the North Shore ensuring you have a good time with your loved ones at the beach!

Best Hotels in Kauai Island

·         Ko’a Kea Resort

·         Whalers Cove Oceanfront Resort

·         Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

Big Island

As the name suggests, Big Island is the biggest of all the Hawaiian Islands. It is also the most volcanically active. Kilauea volcano is mainly responsible for the Big Island being the biggest island in Hawaii. Thanks to its explosions the island continues to grow in size.

The island bustles with many resorts and properties but the three prime attractions are,

·         Hilo is the capital of Big Island. A fun fact about it is that it houses more than 23% of the Hawaiian population. Its most popular attraction is the Wailuku River State Park. You can also visit the Boiling Pots which is in close proximity to the State Park. The bubbling basalt-lava rock pools are an interesting sight to encounter.

·         Kona Coast stretches to almost two-thirds of western Hawaii. It is a hotspot for scuba divers, coffee lovers, and sometimes volcanologists. This region is also known as Kailua-Kona. Kailua is the largest town on the coast and the western coast is called Kona, thus the name Kailua-Kona.

·         Kohala Coast is nestled amongst some of the most breathtaking valleys. The Kohala coast also has a few golf courses and seaside resorts. You can drive along the majestic coastline via the scenic route of Highway 270. It is amongst the best places to stay in Hawaii big island.

Best Hotels in Big Island

·         The Hilton Wailkola

·         Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Lanai Island

If you’re looking for top places to stay in Hawaii for couples to have a luxurious stay, Lanai is the best place to go. Skip the hustle-bustle of tourist locations and enjoy a serene and private stay. At present, Lanai is home to only 3,000 locals approximately. This makes it one of the most secluded and unspoiled spots in Hawaii.

The island has a history of pineapple farming. It is privately owned by Larry Ellison, owner of Oracle (yes, the tech giant!).

Lanai is also a great option for people looking for unique places to stay in Hawaii with family. It guarantees a luxurious experience with a private island feel.

That said, don’t underestimate the potential of Lanai. It is not just an extravagant island. You will find plenty of things to do and attractions to visit on this gorgeous island.

Another interesting fact about Lanai is that you will not find a single traffic signal here. So, the best way to commute will be in a four-wheeler!

Since it is a very small community, there will be no need to worry about any holdups because of traffic. We recommend staying for at least four to five days to take in the beauty of this phenomenal island in Hawaii.

Best Hotels on Lanai Island

·         Four Seasons Resort

·         Dreams Come True B & B

Oahu Island

Oahu Island is easily one of the most popular Hawaii places to stay. Don’t have it on your itinerary?

You will surely miss out. It is home to the famous city of Honolulu and more than a hundred pristine beaches. Whether it is nightlife, eateries, waterfalls, beaches, shopping, or whatever you have on your mind, Oahu has it all!

This island is called a “Shopaholic’s heaven”. You will find Hermes, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and a lot of other luxury brand stores.

When you’re in Oahu, there are five areas you cannot miss.

·         Honolulu is a buzzing metropolitan city lined with beautiful beaches and clear waters. It is the state capital and can get a bit crowded but it is worth the chaos. Crafty food, riveting nightlife, and the vibe are not to be missed when in Hawaii.

·         Waikiki is another tourist destination. Although it does not have a lot of access to beaches, the city’s appeal is completely different. This part of Oahu is known for its nightlife, luxury, restaurants, and premium shopping experience.

Tip-Make sure you consider the heavy traffic when traveling in Waikiki.

·         The North Shore is a surf-a-palooza. It is a surfer’s paradise. Every year the North Shore hosts multiple surf competitions. During the summer it is perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

·         The Windward Coast is where you will find Hawaii’s biggest beach town, Kailua. If you want to enjoy uninterrupted natural bliss, this is the place where you need to be.

·         The Leeward Coast offers a completely different set of characteristics. It is sunny and dry with lots of off-the-beaten-path beaches to explore.

Best Hotels on Oahu Island

·         The Historic Royal Hawaiian

·         Turtle Bay Resort

·         Four Seasons Resort, Ko Olina

Maui Island

Maui island boasts 120 miles of Shoreline and approximately 80 beaches!

It is also called “The Valley Isle”. It is situated right in between two dormant volcanoes—Haleakala and Mauna Kahalawai. Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano and its name translates to “House of the Sun”.

You will find white, red, and in some places even black sand beaches. One of the highest waterfalls in Hawaii, the Honokohau Falls is generally inaccessible. But you can book a helicopter ride to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Every year, about a thousand humpback whales migrate to this coast during the winters. Maui is one of the prime spots if you’re looking for stay inHawaii.

Best Hotels onMaui Island

·         Westin Resort Ka’anapali

·         Montage Kapalua Bay

·         Royal Lahaina Resort

·         Andaz Maui

Molokai Island

Molokai Island provides THE MOST Hawaiian experience an island can offer. It is listed in the best places to stay in Hawaii for honeymoon. Although it is not known for luxurious stays and shopping, this place can help bring you and your partner closer.

Pick from a fine selection of water activities, disconnect from the world, and take in the quintessential views of the place.

However, it is still developing so we recommend packing appropriately. For Molokai, pack comfortably. High heels and dressy clothes will not do you any good on the uneven terrain in Molokai.

Best Hotels in Molokai Island

·         Hotel Moloka’i

·         Moloka’I Shores

·         Ke Nani Kai

What not to miss when in Hawaii?

Big Island is the favoured part of Hawaii for tourists. It is bigger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined and has a lot of places that keep the crowd entertained.

The best advice anyone can give you is to not try and visit all the islands in a single trip. Pick one and explore it to the best possible potential. Otherwise, you will just end up spending on accommodation and travel without having the time to fully take in the beauty of Hawaii.


Hawaii is a stunning archipelagic marvel. It is divided into a number of islands—Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, and Molokai.

These are the best places for people who want to escape their chaotic lives to have some time to themself. The beauty of Hawaii is that it is extremely versatile. From solo travellers to honeymooners to families, everyone can find a lot of things to do!