Before anything let us find some information about this place, it is situated on the Caribbean island and is a famous travel destination for many travelers. Wherever you go, food is a must but isn’t it important to find places that have delicious meals that will satisfy the cravings? This is a guide to give you an idea of the restaurants and their special meals that you must try during the vacation. 

The place is surrounded by vibrant nature, beautiful beaches, luxury buildings, and architecture, last but not least the food here is delicious and up to expectations. Whoever visits here never forgets to taste and try almost all the cuisines from top San Juan Restaurants. This is the ultimate travel guide for you to learn about the restaurants and their cuisines. 

Top San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

Here is a collection of some of the top restaurants in Puerto Rico that you must try to satisfy your taste buds. 

Don Ruiz-  Located in the Cuartel Ballaja and offers the best freshly brewed coffee and tea. You can also get delicious omelets, sandwiches, wraps, and pastries here. Not only the food, but even the atmosphere is very calm therefore you can enjoy your coffee or tea while enjoying the view of this place.

Casita Miramar- this is a local Puerto Rican restaurant that is very warm and welcoming and situated at Aveina Miramar. You may find some changes in the menu but local food remains constant here. As this place is small it will be crowded on certain days hence make sure the place is spacious before dining. If you have no idea of the tasty food here, the most rated food is chicken broth, beef stew, and mofongo. 

Sur Barra Nikkei- this is one of the best San Juan Restaurants you will ever visit, this place has a very calm and casual environment you need not worry about fancy attire, the chef and his team will mesmerize you with their food fusion. You will get to taste a new variety of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, the food they present does not simply satisfy your stomach, it will also satisfy your soul. 

La Casita Blanca- is a very cozy and vintage restaurant that will give you a very calm experience. Do not turn back without visiting here for its exterior. You may regret it later because the dishes they provide here are mouthwatering. You will get to taste some delicious best-served food like garlic shrimp, codfish fritters, and mofongo. The only problem here is you have to park the vehicles on nearby streets and the menu is typed in Spanish.

1919- looks like a fancy number the restaurant is fancy too, situated inside the Vanderbilt Hotel this restaurant offers four-course meals with an option of wine. You will also be able to taste some local food here. Remember that you need to reserve seats as it is a mostly dined restaurant.

Best Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

While you are at Old San Juan there are a collection of some best restaurants that provide authentic and delicious food. Here are some of the Restaurants for you to check out.

El Jibarito– you will be able to taste some authentic and delicious Puerto Ricon food here, the restaurant has a colorful and traditional architecture. You will get to taste a combination of African, Indian, and Spanish food. Do not forget to taste their most delicious mofongo made of green plantains and pork rinds. 

La Factoria mini bar has a huge collection of wines, this place was ranked the best in 2022 on the Caribbean Island. You will get to enjoy the live music and the vibe of the bar too. Not only does this place provide the best wines, but it also has some tastiest mojitos.

Chocolato- a meal isn’t complete without a mouthwatering dessert then this is the best place to satisfy the dessert craving, make sure you taste their raspberry mores they have a wide range of chocolates too. If you want to spend a fresh night roaming around the city get a gelato cocktail from here.

Mercado Agricola de viejo San Juan- this is another popular local restaurant in San juan. You will have a nice time interacting with the locals and learning more Spanish, this restaurant provides some fresh fruit salad, coffee, and sushi. This is a high chance to taste the street food of San Juan.

Cayo Caribe- this is a perfect place for seafood lovers, a place loved by both locals and foreigners. You can taste their special food such as tacos, stews, or paella, these seafood are freshly taken from the fishermen hence they assure authenticity. A fantastic place for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or just a cup of coffee.

Most Popular Old San Juan Restaurants 

Some restaurants are not much crowded and less known and some are most popular even after years. Here are some such restaurants in Puerto Rico for you to check out. 

El Patio de Sole- this is one of the famous old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico you must visit, the cozy and beautiful interior will make you spend some time here, and the stunning and wonderful artwork done by the locals adds more points to this place. You will have to select the dishes from the wide collection of Lunch menus and make sure you have their special smoothies too. 

La Bombonera- perfectly curated with a touch of old-style architecture is a restaurant that has had a long successful journey, it is believed that their food is the reason for the success, especially the mallocars made with meat, eggs, or vegetables. These fillings are within a sweet bread hence they give a taste of sweet and sour.

Verde Mesa- if you are looking for a vegan option then this is the correct place to visit, their menu is made of dishes cooked using fresh and locally grown vegetables. People not only visit here for the food but also the beautiful antique interior of the place.

Stuffed Avocado Shop- this restaurant sounds a little different from others as its menu is based on a whole avocado bowl and it is your wish to add toppings according to your wish, if you prefer the BBQ, Mediterranean, or any of the flavors then you can go with that. This place is mostly visited by both locals and travelers for lunch and a small meetup.

Lote 23- this is a truck-style restaurant with different cuisines, this is a perfect place for group travelers as you can enjoy the food and also the ambiance, the most rated food sandwiches. This San Juan restaurant has a mixture of Puerto Rican and Asian cuisine.

Budget-friendly San Juan Restaurants 

It doesn’t always have to be a high price for food to taste good, you can simply have delicious food by spending a minute amount here are some of the cheap San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

Pinky– this is a casual dining place that serves both breakfast and lunch. You can take a look at the San Juan district, beaches, and the cycling area while your food is being made. Make sure you never miss this place to get an affordable meal.

Cafe Manolin- if you have a huge appetite but a low budget then this restaurant will be a better option, this has a 70-year-long history and awesome architecture. Their menu includes delicious sandwiches, fruits, and coffee. 

Istanbul Restaurant- it is another restaurant that can simply give you a delicious meal for a low amount. It provides both Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, the most special ones are chicken curry, dolma, and lamb curry. If you are visiting with the family this is a perfect place to enjoy a luxury meal for a cheap price. Include this restaurant on your list to enjoy an authentic meal. 

Don Ruiz- this is a coffee shop run by a fourth-generation family, where they freshly brew coffee beans. The cafe is designed in a very beautiful manner with an interior of roasted beans and light shades with pictures of coffee beans on it. You can also click some beautiful pictures to save it for memory. 

Bebo’s BBQ- this is a very convenient and affordable place for both the locals and the travelers, serving fried rice, pork, chicken, and fried plantain. The place is also very convenient and it has some positive reviews from the customers. This restaurant also has a delicious seafood menu with sandwiches, wraps, salmon filet, and octopus, not to forget about the bears and vodkas here. 


Food is the heart and soul of everyone, but it is most important to know the best places that have the most delicious food. Especially when you are a traveler it is very important to find the best restaurants in the places you visit, but it is not about the restaurant it is also important to find delicious food so this guide will provide you with all the necessary information from the top restaurants to budget-friendly restaurants.

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