You will be amazed by some of the interesting things you will find around Russia, this article will give you a record of all the fascinating sites and facts. 

Russia has the oldest and the largest museum, this museum is located in St. Petersburg and has a huge collection of art by Leonardo and Michelangelo. Russia is also home to the largest forest in the world covering 45% of land with forest. You will be shocked to know that Russians have the largest bell ad canon known as the Tsar bell and Tsar’s canon but it has not been used to date. 

So these are some of the interesting and unique features you will find in Russia, read through this article to learn more about the nation. 

Russia is in Europe or Asia? 

Russia is a fascinating country with a rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes. From the iconic landmarks of Moscow, like the Red Square and the Kremlin, to the stunning palaces of St. Petersburg, there is so much to explore. Russian cuisine offers a variety of delicious dishes, such as borscht and pelmeni. The country is also known for its contributions to literature, music, and ballet. 

Russia is considered one of the largest countries in the world as it extends the boundaries to sixteen nations. Is Russia in Europe or Asia? To know about the physical background of it, read through this article.

After receiving independence in 1991 Russia expanded its territory to Asia as well as Europe, according to the United Nations Russia has comparatively more nations in the European Continent. Hence Russia has two parts and the nations are divided accordingly, not only that there are nations that lie on the Europe-Asia border. When you check the culture and the traditions of the Russians you will find that there is a mixture of Asia and Europe, but the European continent has more population.

Russia has a huge history that has faced several centuries of ups and downs, it has experienced many empires, and Russia has also seen the Russian Revolution and its fall as it joined World War II. another important fact is that Russia has witnessed the impact of the great Mongols and their fall too therefore Russia is a huge nation that falls both on the Asia and European continent. 

In What Continent Russia Is?

Russia is located in both the Asian and European continents hence it is known as a transcontinental country. Russia covers 77% of Asia and the remaining 23% of Europe but when you consider the map of Europe Russia is larger than India as it covers the Arctic Ocean, the Ural Mountains, the Baltic Sea, and the Caucasus Mountains. 

The Arctic Circle of Russia has some beautiful landscapes like mixed forests, hills, developed crops, and most importantly some mesmerizing beaches and seas. The western Russia has the largest rivers and lakes. The population here is 113 million which makes it one of the most populated countries. One of the most important points about European Russia is that it has a wide range of cultural and traditional cities that light up the lives of the people. 

Is Russia an Asian Country?

Around 75% of the territory lies on the Asian continent hence it makes Russia a part of Asia too, according to the statistics the population hike is visible in the European part of Russia, but you will be able to witness some Russian culture and traditions that have a touch of Asia too. Many Russian cities have adopted Asian cultures and some languages too. Northern Asia which marks the territory of Russia consists of three districts such as Ural, Siberian, and Far Eastern. 33 million Russians are living in Northern Asia. 

Russian Culture

Russia has a wide range of culture and traditions including its history and past stories. The nation has been shaped by geography, ethnicity, and traditions. Russian literature, music, dance, arts, and architecture have given a huge benefit to the world and the important fact is a huge percentage of the world consumes Russian traditional food such as blini, pelmeni, and borscht. With all these important events Russia also has its festivals, holidays, and other special occasions.

But as Russia is in both Asia and the European continent it has both cultures. Russian culture has greatly influenced Western nations too. Literature, arts, architecture, and traditions had a significant influence on Western Russia especially cities like St.Petersburg and Moscow has been greatly influenced by Russian literature. As Russia has a touch of European culture it has blended to create a mixture of both Asian and European culture.

Asian facts in Russia 

Among some interesting and unique features of Asian things in Russia, here are some important ones:

  1. Lake Baikal- one of the deepest freshwater lakes that has crystal clear water with thousands of species which is not seen anywhere on Earth.
  2. Kamchatka Peninsula- this is also known as the land of Fire and Ice for its active volcanoes and glaciers 
  3. Ural Mountains- this is the boundary that separates European and Asian Russia and one of the special mentions about the mountain is that it contains minerals such as gold and platinum 
  4. Yakutsk- is one of the oldest cities with a temperature of -50 degrees 
  5. Permafrost cave- the cave that has preserved some prehistoric animals remaining such as mammoths and rhinoceros 

These are some of the most fascinating facts that reveal the uniqueness of the Asian territory of Russia. While you’re here for that, we also suggest checking out our Asia travel guides. 

European facts in Russia 

  1. Amber production – it is in the European region of Russia amber is widely produced, this Amber is used in making jewelry.
  2. Kaliningrad- this is a separate land that falls into the European region which separates from the other parts of Russia
  3. Baltic Sea- a perfect getaway for the people of Russia where these people are involved in all kinds of fun ice activities.
  4. Economic zone- this is a special zone that helps people to be involved in business and learn about the broad business world.

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Asian Territory of Russia 

The two main places that mark the territory are Siberia and the Russian Far East, these two places have been influenced by the indigenous people and the neighboring Asian nations. The tribal or indigenous people that have a great influence on Russia are Tatars, Yakuts, and Buryats. As these places cover the territory of Asia it also has received the arts, architecture, music, painting, dance, and culture of Asia. 

European Territory of Russia 

Cities such as Moscow and St.Petersburg are the territories that mark European Russia and as it is towards the European region one could witness a great European influence on the music, dance, arts, culture, and traditions in these cities. 

Another interesting fact is that the buildings have been constructed according to the European structure, buildings like the Winter Palace in St.Petersburg. It’s not only the traditions and culture that influenced Russia but also the cuisines and the cooking methods. 

Asian Cultural Places in Russia 

If you want to explore Asian cultural places in Russia then head out to the Republic of Buryatia. You can visit Buddhist monuments, experience Mongolian customs, enjoy some colorful festivals, and most importantly have some delicious Asian Cuisines. You will also learn about the different traditions and customs that prevail in Russia which are influenced by the Asian nations. 

European Cultural Places in Russia

In a large nation like Russia and being a nation with two continental cultures you will get to witness some places that have European influences like Moscow the capital of Russia, in the capital you will find European cultural places such as the Kremlin and Red Square. These places exhibit a vast European knowledge and tradition that if you visit here you will be able to learn a lot of information regarding the European methods of construction, arts, and architecture.

Interesting facts about Russia 

  1. The largest nations that have power in both the Asian and European continent 
  2. The oldest freshwater lake is in Russia 
  3. Russia is home to the longest railway 
  4. Cyrillic alphabet is used in Russia 
  5. Birthplace for well-known ballet dancers around the world
  6. Nesting dolls are mementos of Russia
  7. Russia has produced some extraordinary writers
  8. They have some unique foods like blini, pelmeni, and borscht
  9. One of the unique Russian architecture is the onion-shaped domes in churches
  10. Russia has a wide range of landscapes and mountains 

To Conclude

Russia is a huge country that exhibits a variety of incredible things to witness such as 

Landscapes: The nation is home to a variety of landscapes, such as the stunning Black Sea shoreline, the Ural Mountains, and the immense Siberian wilderness. And Russia’s economy is greatly influenced by its wealth of natural resources, which include minerals, oil, and gas.

The political background of the country is a federal state where the president serves as the head of state and the prime minister as the head of government of Russia, which is a federal semi-presidential republic.

Most importantly the cuisines of Russia are a must to try especially Traditional Russian cocktails like vodka and kvass are frequently served with heavy foods like blini, pelmeni, and borscht.

While in Russia do not forget to explore the country to get a fun and wild experience therefore head to the breathtaking St. Petersburg architecture, the Trans-Siberian Railway, and Lake Baikal’s natural beauties.

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