Caribbean island is one of the dreamiest destinations to visit, a combination of lush green rainforest to sandy beaches it has something to provide travelers. A place that is mostly known for water sports and adventure. 

A special mention about the varieties of cuisines that you can dig into to satisfy your cravings, you will get to taste all kinds of continental and local food. The Caribbean is visited by many for its variety of places that will leave a memorable journey for you. To know more read this Caribbean Island Guide. 

Best areas to stay in Caribbean Island

Portsmouth, Dominica- located towards the Eastern Caribbean Islands is a perfectly built resort with many luxurious structures, one can relax on the beautiful terrace with a sea view or you can be involved in outdoor activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle boarding. One interesting thing about this place is while you stay here you can also learn cooking skills, or get self-pampering through a well-trained masseuse. 

Golden Rock Nature and Dive Resort- this is a perfect resort for a family surrounded by species of flowers and insects like butterflies and hummingbirds. You will get to enjoy some quality family time by participating in painting or learning painting through professionals, or you can go scuba diving under their guidance. Make sure you allow the kids to have some fun on the golf course, basketball, or the tennis court.

Kamalame Cay- a mindblowing and luxurious resort that will perfectly suit families looking for a perfect getaway. There are Balinese-style cottages surrounded with pink Bougainvillea. Additionally you can go cycling on the sandy roads or go Kayaking, in every possible way something is interesting you can do here.

Manta Island resort- a traditional-style resort that ensures a perfect family background with luxurious bungalows and villas. You can also enjoy a bonfire or get involved in activities such as Karaokes on the private beaches. You can also learn snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing from the professionals. This is also known for its best coral reef. 

Spice Island Beach Resort- an eight-acre resort surrounded by grape trees and palm trees is a wonderful place to reset your vacation. Kids will love it here as there is a kid pool while the students enjoy the pool time you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment. If you prefer personal time then you can spend some time on the sand and get a good view of the sea

Best places to visit on Caribbean Island

St. Kitts and Nevis- a place filled with greenery that will give a glimpse of the Colonial Era, you will also get to witness the sugar plantation and learn about the procedures involved. This is also a great place for scuba divers and people who look for fun and entertainment. This place must be on your list to vibe your travel.

Trinidad and Tobago-  if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy some alone time then this is a wonderful place, you will find beaches surrounded by coconut trees hence it is very quiet and more private than the other places in the Caribbean island. 

Haiti– this is one of the top places to visit in the Caribbean Island, you will get to shop for branded and luxurious items here. This place is surrounded by beautiful crystal-clear beaches and lined palm trees. If you are a water sports person then this is a perfect place for you to go diving and snorkeling, you can also go hiking in this amazing place.

Cayman Islands- one of the most interesting places in the Caribbean islands, you will find a 

variety of endangered sea turtles, iguanas, and ghost orchids. Not only is the place interesting, but the people are loving and welcoming. You will feel at home here. The food here is mouthwatering and will surely satisfy your taste buds. If you are not in a party mood then you can go into the sea and watch turtles and dolphins.

Aruba-  this is an interesting place for couples, providing you with very calm, warm, and breezy weather. You can enjoy your leisure just by sitting with a glass of cocktail or if you prefer a walk on the sand that too will benefit you. Make this place a must-visit to get more throughout the vacation. 

Top things to do on Caribbean Island

Relax on the beach or explore nature- you can turn a casual walk into a romantic one with your loved one here, you can go scuba diving, or boat riding on any of the incredible beaches on the Caribbean Island. Or if you prefer to explore then you can leisurely do it.

Stay in Underwater accommodation- being famous for many luxurious resorts Caribbean Island also provides you with stunning underwater accommodation. Whether you select a romantic getaway or a family time you will be mesmerized by the surrounding coral reefs and will get a glimpse of the marine life.

Sailing– this should be a must in the top things to do on the Caribbean island list. You can hire a boat or a ship with a guide to take you to the sea, this can take hours or days but the views are worth it, you will be able to witness the night sky closely and also the night water life. So make sure you find some most popular sailing destinations to involve in a fun-filled and adventurous journey.

Explore the local Culture- Caribbean Island is home to ancient ruins and architecture hence it has a variety of stories to tell you, From the ancient ruins to the colonial historical buildings. Make sure you get some local knowledge about the Caribbean Island during the vacation. You will also get to witness the natural landmarks and the rainforests. Some popular places contain history hence you find them and take a tour of those places.

Horse Ride on the beach- horse riding is a fun activity but it is more fun and adventurous when done on the beach, you will be guided by professionals so without any fear you can go horse riding on the shore and enjoy the stunning views, its advisable to go early morning or late afternoon as you will be able to get a good view of the sunrise or sunset.

Best time to visit Caribbean Island

Caribbean Island usually has a hot tropical climate throughout the year, but during February and May, it is said to be the dry season hence this period is advisable. July to November is said to be a wet period but a positive point is that usually the rain lasts for a few hours only. Remember 

June to November is announced as the hurricane period hence avoid vacation during these months.

What to avoid on Caribbean Island?

  • Avoid swimming in danger zones and if there is a warning of showers by the government follow it.
  • Do respect the culture of the locals, and be mindful when communicating.
  • Be mindful of Hurricane seasons, although the ticket prices are cheaper during this season. You should be very cautious when booking a vacation.
  • Renting a vehicle is a good option if you are living in a remote area and want to explore the island, you can also go on the public buses.
  • Use coral reef-safe sunscreen as this Island has numerous coral reefs to witness and you should be very cautious not to destroy them as some sunscreen kills the coral reefs.

How to travel in the Caribbean Island ?

Luxury car- you can hire air-conditioned, spacious, and Wi-Fi access cars, and they will take you to the desired destination. Some cars can be hired from the resorts or hotels you stay in.

E-Bike or Segway- these are self-driven ones, They are mostly used during adventure as these vehicles can take you through forests and mountains. 

Buses- if you lack money for rentals then you can still select a bus, it is comfortable and reliable too. You can leisurely and comfortably finish the list of destinations. 

Ferry- another luxurious and comfortable mode to travel from one island to another, you can also take a look at the stunning sunsets and the beautiful beach.

How to find best Caribbean Vacation Packages?

Compare the travel agents- check for alternative agents, and find out the agents that come with discounts and offers. Research the inclusive and exclusives of the agents and then fix one.

Fare- make sure you check for the prices and inquire with the travel agent about the accommodation, food, and the prices that will be charged for visiting the places you have listed. Compare the prices with the other agents too.

Reviews-  it is very important to find out the opinions of the ones who had traveled with the travel agent you optioned for, in this way, you can avoid any issues or problems.


An island with beaches, rainforests, wildlife, culture, architecture, and a variety of cuisines is a perfect travel destination. This Caribbean island has something to provide for anyone who travels here. Once you’re here, you can check out the most popular caribbean French-speaking island

You can be a food lover, nature lover, adventure seeker or someone who simply prefers a quiet getaway arriving at the Caribbean island will be the best option for you. If you find our Caribbean guide informative then check out everything you need to know about Mauritius.