Welcome to Abu Dhabi:  A Journey of Of Splendor and Culture!

Abu Dhabi is nestled along the shores of the Arabian Gulf, it is known for its luxury and tradition in the heart of UAE. It is a capital city that has a mix of cultural heritage with modern extravagance to offer to travelers.

Those who seek a taste of adventure with sun-kissed beaches and leisurely strolls must visit Abu Dhabi once in their lifetime. This travel guide to Abu Dhabi will prepare you for a journey of a lifetime.

Best places to visit in Abu Dhabi

As you take this journey through the captivating city, allow us to guide you through a selection of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Each of these destinations promises a unique and enriching experience for you and your family.

Between  the Bridges

Three bridges connect Abu  Dhabi with the mainland and cross the sea inlets separating the city from the mainland. While crossing the Al Maqtaa Bridge you will see an old watchtower sitting right in the middle of the water with Al Maqtaa Fort. The southern area between Al Maqtaa and  Mussafah bridges is known as Between the Bridges ad is one of the major tourist destinations. It has several grand hotels where you can enjoy a lavish meal while watching the view.

Corniche Road

The waterfront Corniche runs for about 5km next to Abu Dhabi’s western edge. It has grand gardens on both sides. While driving through Abu Dhabi’s suburbs you can see that the city is made on an island and was connected with the Maqtaa Bridge in 1966. The Corniche Road is filled with cyclists and joggers which turns it into a lively place to be. It is the best place to see the impressive skyscrapers and the best way to do this is to rent a bike and explore Corniche Road in peace.

Al Ain

Al Ain is the world’s oldest inhabited city and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is filled with lush and ancient oases along with green paths for you to stroll in. There are historical forts where you can see ancient artifacts as well as a camel market which is a site you won’t see anywhere else. You can also buy excellent spices, perfumes, carpets, and much more in the markets of wonder here.

Best things to do in Abu Dhabi

As you travel through this vibrant city of Abu Dhabi taking in its modernity and tradition, we give you a list of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi. This section will inspire you to create memories as it promises unforgettable moments to last for a lifetime.

Soak In Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs

Jebel Hafeet is known for its sulfur springs where you can see several hot springs. This is one of the most fun places to visit if you want to revitalize yourself during your stay. These hot springs are also popular for their healing powers and hence have visitors all year around.

Visit the Yas Island

This is a one-stop destination for fun lovers. You can enjoy a variety of leisure activities and adventures at the same time here.  The island has theme parks, malls, as well as beaches, therefore, is a place for people of all ages.  It is situated in the middle of mangroves and clear waters. Riding Ferrari-themed roller coasters, indoor skydiving, or visiting the Yas Waterworld makes it the happening place in Abu Dhabi.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Experiencing the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a must as you get to ride in a 4WD that takes you up and down the sand dunes and makes your heart pound. You can also view the beautiful sunset over the desert while enjoying a shisha pipe with your friends from a Bedouin camp and take in the stary night in luxury.

Best time to visit Abu Dhabi

We suggest visiting Abu Dhabi between November to March when the temperature is cooler with the lowest humidity. May and June tend to get hot as the temperature rises up to the thirties and humidity creeps in. It is advised to avoid visiting Abu Dhabi in July and August as these are the hottest and stickiest months unless you are in a 5-star resort and willing to stay indoors most of the time although this is when you get the cheapest deals in good hotels due to lack of visitors.

How to travel in Abu Dhabi?

You would not want to miss a single attraction or adventure while visiting Abu Dhabi. Here is how to travel in Abu Dhabi for you to reach places and enjoy.

  • Taxi

The most preferred way to travel in Abu Dhabi is a taxi. Simply look for a taxi with a silver livery and yellow sign that can be flagged anywhere. You can also book a taxi through the Abu Dhabi taxi app. There are Uber and Careem also available to move around in the city.

  • Shuttle Bus

If you prefer company then you can opt for the shuttle buses. These buses are free and air-conditioned and stop at most of the destinations like Yas Island, Jubilee Island, etc.

  • Public Bus

Another great way to travel around Abu Dhabi is the public buses that run 24×7. You can use the Hafilat Smart Card to pay for a ride. These cards can be bought at bus stations or shopping malls everywhere.

  • Bicycle

You can also rent bikes if you like to explore and exercise at the same time. These rented bikes can be booked from the Careem Bike app and can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Walk

Last but never least is walking to explore amazing sites in downtown Abu Dhabi. You will enjoy this walk with your family as long as you have a water bottle and some sunscreen to protect you.

Best places to stay in Abu Dhabi

Although UAE is well known for its luxury hotels and resorts it also has some great budget hotels for all pockets. People who love beaches can check out Saadiyat Island to relax on white sands and enjoy hawksbill turtles. Some of the best places to stay in Abu Dhabi for beach lovers are Jumeirah or the St. Regis. For adventure thrillers W Abu Dhabi Yas Island can be a good place situated in the middle of Yas Marina.

You can also try Conrad Etihad Towers which has 576 rooms with views over the Corniche. For a pocket-friendly stay, we suggest the Andaz Capital Gate in the “Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi” as well as the comfortable Beach Rotana. It does not matter where you decide to stay you will have a great experience in Abu Dhabi.

Interesting things to know about Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known for various things but has some extraordinary wonders hiding in itself. Read on to find out some interesting things you should know about Abu Dhabi before planning a visit.

  • Pearl Diving Heritage is what kept Abu Dhabi’s economy thriving before its oil bloom.
  • Abu Dhabi is working towards the sustainability of its green initiatives through projects like Masdar City. The city is thriving to become a model for an eco-friendly urban city.
  • Abu Dhabi is also known for hospitality. They love to share their Arabic coffee and dates. This is done to show their open heart and friendship towards their visitors.
  • The city shows off because of its year-round sunshine which makes it a perfect place for sun-seekers.
  • Abu Dhabi is also working on preserving its natural habitats. Their Mangrove National Park serves as a sanctuary for wildlife.
  • The city is a technical hub and has embraced modernity with an open heart.
  • UAE declared the “Year of Tolerance” in 2019 to highlight its commitment to cultural understanding.

What to avoid in Abu Dhabi?

  • UAE is a conservative place therefore they prefer traditional attire. You are expected to wear modest clothing in public spaces. It is advisable to wear high necklines and skirts below the knees.  Swimwear can be worn in pools or beaches but while visiting a mosque women are to wear an abaya which is provided free in most places.
  • You can enjoy a glass of alcohol in hotels that have a legal permit other than that is illegal. If you take alcohol in permitted places you are to sober up before going out in public.
  • Public demonstration of affection is not allowed in Abu Dhabi. You will see signs in the city to remind you to avoid PDAs. Married couples can hold hands in public but can’t kiss or hug to avoid being offensive to others around.
  • Never disrespect Islam in UAE although disrespecting any religion is offensive. It is important to keep your values or beliefs to yourself instead of getting into trouble while traveling. Don’t write the name of Allah anywhere or don’t use a paper with Allah’s name on it to wrap things up. Follow simple rules during Ramadan like don’t eat or drink in public, dress appropriately, and avoid making too much makeup. Also, dancing and loud music are prohibited during Ramadan.
  • Although UAE is tolerant towards all cast and creed, same-sex marriages and homosexuality is illegal in UAE. If seen in public you might be punished and this applies to visitors as well as the residents there.

If you remember and follow these simple instructions mentioned in what to avoid in Abu Dhabi you will have an enjoyable stay.

How to Find Best Abu Dhabi Vacation packages?

Dive into the world of luxury and adventure through some excellent Abu Dhabi vacation packages through which you can discover the charm of the capital city with skyscrapers standing tall amidst Arabian traditions. Whether you wish for relaxation or excitement, Abu Dhabi has something to offer and create an unforgettable getaway for you.

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It’s time to delve into the enchantment of Abu Dhabi and immerse yourself in the splendor of luxury and culture. Relax in the sun-drenched beauty of the beaches or have a thrilling experience on the desert safari.

Let us create a path for your unforgettable journey through the travel guide to Abu Dhabi.