As travelers you may have visited many places Mauritius is a place that will leave you astonished by its beauty. This guide will cover some of the important things to do and see. Mauritius is an island covered with beaches and coral reefs on the coastline. It is unique for its racial harmony and the people’s kindness, it is believed that this island is mixed with all ethnic groups. The official language is English but French users too have been found here.

If you are on a budget trip or prefer a luxurious trip Mauritius is a perfect place for you. This island has a variety of activities to provide you, with a perfect destination for a nature lover, food lover, or adventure seeker. Read through this Mauritius travel guide to get to know more.

Best areas to stay in Mauritius 

Grand Bay- is the best place for first-time visitors, you can find the best shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, and pubs. You can enjoy the nightlife here around the pubs and clubs and the night music. But if you prefer a relaxed and quiet time then you can choose the beautiful beaches. Another important fact about this place is that the climate here is warm throughout the year hence no need to worry about the seasons.

Flic en Flac- a fishing village mixed with varieties of activities for you to enjoy as a family, this place has casinos, shopping complexes, and mini restaurants therefore you can do whatever you have on the list. Make sure you engage in some fun outdoor activities to boost up the vacation, you can go hiking and get a good view of the surroundings. 

Trou aux Biches- one of the most luxurious resorts for a couple, you can enjoy the pools and restaurants and get maximum fun in the free water activities such as snorkeling, water-skiing, and boat riding. This place has a private suite with private pools, a couple of massages, and a sunset cruise for a honeymoon, therefore this place is the best for couples. You can also go here as a family. It has teen clubs too.

Blue Bay and PointeD’Esny- this is a place nearby the beach that will give you access to snorkeling and boat riding, this place also has beautiful resorts and hotels with ocean views you can stay here as a family because this place is mostly loved by the kids for it’s beautiful blue beach.

Le Morne- located towards the southwest is a place with beautiful clear beaches and lined-up resorts that perfectly suit the couple and honeymooners. If you are going for a budget-friendly resort this place has many. You can spare some time hiking or go sightseeing at one of the beautiful viewpoints. 

Best places to visit in Mauritius 

Pereybere- this is a treasured place for many travelers hence keep it on your list, a place famous for water sports such as deep diving, snorkeling, and boat safaris, although the water here is deep compared to the other oceans yet safe and has guides to support you. 

Black River Gorges and National Park- this is a perfect place for nature lovers and adventure seekers situated in the southwest of Mauritius is an area with beautiful flora and fauna, you can get good photographs of varieties of species here and also look for animals such as pigs, deer, and privates while trekking. One of the unique features is that you will find some endangered species in this place. This is one of the top places to visit in Mauritius.

Casela World of Adventures- a world of wildlife you can enjoy a wild safari ride here but be prepared to encounter wild animals such as tigers and leopards. If you are an adventure seeker then this is the best place to feed your soul and mind. You will have to pay an entry ticket and then you can leisurely enjoy the safari ride.

Blue Bay Marine Park- you will be amazed by this magic world of underwater, if you love diving, or snorkeling then this place will provide you with amazing experiences, you will also witness a wide range of mangroves, algae, and underwater creatures. 

Rodrigues– if you prefer a quiet and calm place to relax away from the hustles and bustles of the city then you must visit here, this place is dated a long time back and still amazes the visitors. While in Rodrigues make sure to mingle with the locals to learn about their culture, you can also go ziplining, fishing, and other water sports. Last but not least the food here is super delicious and it will tickle your tastebuds.

Best things to do in Mauritius 

Deep sea fishing-  this is one of the most famous things travelers do in Mauritius. There is a wide range of fish including sharks, tuna and marlin so it is a treat to your eyes too. You can either go fishing or stay out and relax and enjoy nature. Another important fact is that there were many championship fishing sports done here.

Visit Chinatown- it is a local market that has all the traditional things to buy. You will have traditional Chinese food and medicines. The pharmacies here have no modern medicines but you will find the indigenous medicines. You can go shopping and have some delicious local food in the restaurants here.

Experience the local lifestyle- Mahebourg is a less visited place by tourists and therefore it is less developed compared to other places, but visiting this place should be one of the top things to do in Mauritius as you can learn many local customs and traditions, you will find the local products, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, arts and crafts, spices and tea. You will also be amazed by the beautiful landscapes and the scenery.

Visit Caudan Waterfront- it is a meeting place for lovers and locals, has a wide range of food, and shopping centers, these shopping centers have some unique items to purchase especially for kids. If you are a history freak then this place will provide you with historical information about the island in its museums. 

Explore Ile aux Aigrettes- a beautiful place with a collection of rare species such as pink pigeon and giant tortoise not some plants are said to be grown only in this place hence it is internationally recognized, so make you visit here to spoil yourself with the beauty of nature. 

Best time to visit Mauritius 

The most convenient time to visit is from May to December when the climate is cool and dry so that you can enjoy nature, it is advisable to not visit from January to March as there are wet cyclones, make sure you check out the climate before planning the tour.

What to avoid in Mauritius?

Let us guide you through some of the important things to avoid while you vacation in Mauritius 

  • Do not spend the whole day at the beach- Mauritius is famous for its beaches and you will prefer laying on the beach and relaxing the whole day, but remember the UV rays of the sun may damage the skin hence make sure you take sunscreen with you. But it is advisable to spend less time at the beach. 
  • Avoid late-night bus travel- even the locals avoid late-night bus travel as the bus operation ends by 7 at night. To avoid unnecessary issues, plan the day accordingly or try to rent a private vehicle.
  • Do not hike without a guide- Mauritius has some forests and landscapes that are still untouched by humans therefore there are high chances for you to get lost.
  • Do not rely only on Google Maps- for you it may seem wise and the best option but in Mauritius it isn’t so make sure you double check with the locals in that way you will never miss the direction.
  • Do not fall into scams- you can be easily scammed by the local vendors especially spices and craft items so make sure you do not fall into the trap.

How to travel in Mauritius?

  • Rental- renting a car. A bike or bicycle is a better option if you want to travel a long way and explore many places. But make sure you check the rates.
  • Excursions– buses and cars are there to take you to places as a bunch so you will have to contact the authorities and inquire about the rates, the time of departure, and the places to visit. You can also hire taxis, they are available near airports and hotels, and it will be easy for you to go around villages, parks, and towns.
  •  Public transport- affordable and easy but this mode of transport is scheduled hence make sure you are updated with the timings.

How to find best Mauritius vacation Packages?

Before you proceed further with the vacation plan make sure you do not waste your money and face unnecessary issues. Therefore here are some tips to overcome any issues.

  • Surf through the internet- do not fix on one agency because there may be many agencies with lesser fares and more discounts. Therefore check through the internet and do some research and find out more agencies to get to know the discount schemes and then finalize one.
  • Fare– compare the prices with the agencies and find if there are any inclusive and exclusive deals for you. Some agencies provide free travel guides so make sure you check for the fares.
  • More reviews- last but not least it is very important to get others’ opinions on the agency you optioned for, in that way, you can get to know the pros and cons.


A magnificent place of beaches, wildlife, forest, flora, and fauna, Mauritius has something to provide travelers. You can be a nature lover, food lover, adventure seeker, or history freak all you have to do is plan the vacation and start traveling towards Mauritius.

Most importantly the food here is so delicious that you will have no heart to leave this place. Not only nature, but even the people are calm and loving towards the visitors. So this is a sign for you to travel to Mauritius for the next vacation. If you are satisfied with this guide then make sure you check our Fiji travel guide – everything you need to know. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you would also love our Bali travel guide