Are you planning a vacation in Jamaica? You must probably be searching for the best waterfalls, beaches, hotels, and drinks you can enjoy during your stay. Jamaica is a place famous for its beauty and culture.

One reason to visit Jamaica is its fantastic cuisine, filled with fresh delicious food, but don’t miss Jamaican drinks.

What is Famous Jamaica drink?

Jamaican drinks are not limited only to beer and cocktails. Jamaica is famous for its beverages that will make your vacation special. Jamaican’s Red Stripe and white rum are just different and tasty from any other drink.

Jamaica is known for its alcoholic drinks. The alcohol of Jamaica is rich, sweet, and strong. It is made using traditional recipes using tropical fruits and sugar cane. For people who don’t imbibe, there are non-alcoholic drinks in Jamaica to taste. Jamaica is also famous for the coffee it serves. Children just love to taste the bag juice of Jamaica.

Most popular Jamaican drinks to Try

Without any ado, here’s a listing of the Best Jamaican drinks you must try during your visit to Jamaica

Bob Marley Cocktail

What is famous alcoholic Jamaican drink? You heard it right, it’s Bob Marley Cocktail. You must have heard of reggae, it’s a slow-tempo and calm genre of music that originated in Jamaica. The credit goes to Bob Marley. Bob Marley Cocktail is the national drink in Jamaica. It’s a tribute to the country’s favorite man, Bob Marley.

Bob Marley Cocktail is a three-layered cocktail with yellow, green, and vibrant red. Invented in Sandals. This is the famous alcoholic drink in Jamaica. The cocktail is made up of frozen layers of strawberry daiquiri and mangoes. It is a bit adult slushy and this will keep you cool for a long while you enjoy in the sun.

The colors of Bob Marley Cocktail symbolize the culture of Jamaica. This cocktail is sold almost in every restaurant in Jamaica, so be rest assured to find this drink in every corner of Jamaica.

Red Stripe Beer

You must have tried or heard about this alcoholic drinks of Jamaica – Red Stripe Beer.The beers of Jamaica are incomplete without this drink. Initially, Red Stripe was an American drink, the British investors moved the production of the drink to Jamaica. It is one of the most influential cocktails in Jamaica.

Red Stripe Beer is made up of a large portion of malt, cassava starch, and water. The alcohol content is low in this drink. Enjoy the grainy sweet and aromatic taste of apples. The aftertaste of this alcoholic drink is much more pleasurable.

There are different versions of this drink available in Jamaica like the Red Stripe Bold, Red Stripe Light, and Red Stripe Classic. The flavors include sorrel and lemon.

Dirty Banana

Dirty Banana is the most popular alcoholic alcoholic Jamaican drinks. The drink is made up of rum, Maria, a ripe banana with milk added to it, and coffee liqueur. It is always served with chilled cream. The origin of the name of this cocktail remains a mystery.

The chilled cream of the dirty banana can be substituted with coconut milk cream or even Bailey’s Irish cream. It’s the perfect drink to take a sip and walk on the beachside during a sunny day.

Jamaican Rum Cream

Jamaican cream rums have a different vibe. It is a famous Jamaican drinks with alcohol. If you want to increase the deliciousness of the appetizers of Jamaica, pair them with an appetizing drink of Jamaica, the Jamaican Rum Cream.

The Rum Cream is the result of the world-renowned liqueurs Irish cream such as Baileys. This creamy rum is a blend of heavy cream, Jamaican rum, coffee, and coconut extract. Amber rum gives the drink a darker appearance, making it more flavourful.

All these blended ingredients are refrigerated for an hour. When required, just shake it off rigorously and have it with ice. Jamaican Rum Cream is one of the cheap alcoholic drinks of Jamaica and thus it is found everywhere in restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Purple Rain

If you are in search of a classic drink when on vacation in Jamaica, go for Purple Rain. Try this drink while relaxing by the seaside. Purple Rain in Jamaica is always on top of the favorite drink lists of guests.

This delicious and smooth cocktail is a mesmerizing and vibrant drink that is made up of lime juice, vodka, grenadine syrup, and blue Curacao. Purple Rain gets its purple colorby using the correct proportion of blue Curacao and grenadine syrup. The drink is best enjoyed in a swim bar at any resort by the ocean.

Tia Maria

Tia Maria is one of the best drinks in Jamaica, a coffee liqueur that has a beautiful history. The recipe of Tia Maria is owned by a Spanish young aristocrat who had escaped from a war-torn in the 17th century. The maid of the aristocrat, who preserved the recipe of Tia Maria, was named after that.

Tia Maria is not a production of Jamaica, but many ingredients that are used to prepare the drink are sourced from Jamaica, like Jamaican rum, sugar, vanilla, and Blue Mountain coffee beans. The taste of this drink is sweet and at times milk is also added with ice to increase the richness of the drink.

Rum Punch

From the 17th century, Rum Punch just tasted the best, be it any destination in Jamaica. If you are on a relaxing vacation in Jamaica, you will feel that you are tasting this amazing concoction for the first time.

You can find Rum Punch in about every corner of Jamaica, the drink is also referred to as Planter’s Punch. The Jamaican Rum Punch is made with various juices and rums. If you order this drink expect your glass of drink to be filled with fruit juice or strawberry syrup with Nephew White Overproof Rum with Wray or even Appleton Rum.

If you have selected a fruity flavor, a glass of ice-cold rum punch would be the best choice for a great kick.

Soursop Juice

Soursop Juice is the most popular non-alcoholic Jamaican drinks. It is a thick fruit juice made from the plant of Soursop. Soursop is a plant that is abundantly grown in Jamaica.

The Soursop juice is a mixture of citrus, pineapple, and strawberry. The juice deliciously pairs with vanilla, condensed milk, and lime juice giving a sweet and tangy flavor. If you want to give your drink a jazzy flavor, add Jamaican white rum to this fruity drink and enjoy your vacation.

This juice is rich in vitamins and is one of the most healthy drinkson the island. The best part of this drink is that you can find it in any corner of Jamaica. Enjoy this delicious drink by adding a touch of vanilla and nutmeg.

Sorrel Tea

If you are in search of some non-alcoholic drinks of Jamaica with great health benefits, opt for Sorrel Tea. This drink is made up of the dried buds of hibiscus flowers. These are either in purple or magenta color.

The Jamaican Sorrel Tea is usually served with sugar and ginger and it is then chilled. Sorrel Tea is usually served cold and some people love to have this drink with some lime and a pinch of carbonated water. If you want to twist the drink a little, enjoy the local red stripe beer which is sorrel flavored. It is the best cheap non-alcoholic drinks of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain Coffee

If you are in Jamaica and wondering what is famous non-alcoholic Jamaican drink? the answer is Blue Mountain Coffee. This drink is one of the most expensive and the best brands of Coffee in Jamaica in the universe. As the name says, this beverage is grown in Blue Mountains which is the highest range of mountain of Jamaica and also known as the highest peak of the Caribbean which is 2256 meters.

The altitude of the Blue Mountain adds to the richness of this delicious drink, as it is handpicked and as a part of the making process, it is roasted. Blue Mountain Coffee is available in the local shops of Jamaica.

Jamaican Guinness Punch

If you love stout and punches, try the Jamaican Guinness Punch. This drink is made with a blend of sweetened condensed milk, ground nutmeg, Guinness vodka, and vanilla extract. The creamy texture of the drink is just satisfying to the soul.

Enjoy the signature taste of Guinness that is infused with the sweetness of condensed milk. It is best enjoyed on a sunny day and a serene beach. You can even enjoy the drink in a bar that plays the latest tunes of reggae. To keep your memories more fresh, you can even make this drink when back home.


During your vacation to Jamaica, you can enjoy all the drinks and beverages either alcoholic or Jamaica drinks without alcohol.These drinks will make your trip memorable and ignite your feelings.

Your trip to Jamaica will be completed only after you have enjoyed all types of Jamaican drinks.