Working on your bucket list to travel to the USA. Then you will love reading this to know the Best places to visit in the USA.

Everyone must have dreamt of visiting the United States at some point. The United States of America is a beautiful place with amazing national parks, quaint towns, stunning beaches, and bustling cities. The United States has a diverse menu of cultures, and landscapes to explore. It is difficult to narrow down the best travel places in US to visit.

Read further to know more about the must-visit travel places in USA.

Best Travel Places To Visit in the USA

New York:

Every first-time visitor to USA will have the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty on their list, but these are very few attractions of New York City. America‘s most popular city is the Big Apple.

You must visit the High Lane, it is an old railroad track which is turned into a park. This is one of the good places to travel in USA. The railroad track-turned park is filled with greenery, amazing skyline views, and artwork. If you want to watch the latest musicals and plays, visit the Theater District and Broadway.

Art Lovers can visit the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, Frick Collection, Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For shopping visit Washington Square, Rockefeller Center, Greenwich Village, or Fifth Avenue. If you are planning for a long stay, visit Brooklyn.

Los Angeles

City of Angels, Los Angeles is the destination for the famous movies of Hollywood. Los Angeles is quite expensive to visit, but still, visitors are always excited to witness the stunning lifestyle and the magnetic personality of the beautiful city.

Los Angeles is famous for two things, Enjoy and have fun at Disneyland and the other is the Universal Studios Theme Park. The city is always filled with glamour with Bel Air, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

There are also many cheap places to travel in the US with beaches. One can find this in Los Angeles.If you are in search of enjoying in sand, visit some of the beaches around LA. For historical experience, visit the La Brea Tar Pits where you can see the fossils of prehistoric animals that were alive in this area about 40,000 years ago. Los Angeles is one of the best travel places in USA you must go.

Big Sur

Driving to the Coast of Big Sur should be on your bucket list for best travel sites in USA. The beautiful stretch between the Ragged Point and Carmel of the Pacific Coast Highway makes the place unique. The Coast is about 60+ miles, one can drive this coast in a couple of hours. But still, visitors take several hours to fully enjoy this scenic place.

You can start from the quaint village of Carmel by the Sea, exploring its boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and amazing wine-tasting rooms.Then you can move towards the Point Lobos State Reserve, one of the best places to travel in the US. It should be on your itinerary if you are on a road trip in California.

You can take a short break to visit the Monterey Cypress trees and take pictures of the ocean views. One of the most breathtaking places in the US is Lake Tahoe.


Florida is filled with miles of beaches, adventurous attractions like Walt Disney World, Latino culture, and the Art Deco style of Miami making Florida the best place to travel in US. Soak the sun on the beaches that are towards the Emerald Coast, visit the Western Gulf Coast, have a blast with the South Beach culture of Miami, or enjoy the wonderful rides of Orlando.

Explore St. Petersburg and Tampa, and also check the Everglades. Florida should be every visitor’s top-of-the-list destination. It is one of the top places in US to travel alone and bask in its famous sunshine.


Hawaii is famous for its breathtaking beauty. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has 137 islands, this volcanic archipelago has always attracted visitors because of its beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, and rich cultural heritage.

Hawaii has many natural wonders. The famous plunging Waimea Canyon, NaPali Coast, and Waikiki Beach are famous tourist places. It is adventurous to spend time there outdoors like hiking near the volcanoes, surfing in the waves, or doing snorkeling in the coral reefs.

Hawaii was the last state to join the United States in 1959. Visitors traveling to Hawaii can feel the rich culture of the state if they are staying at any luxury resort that marks the archipelago of the country. Some of the famous islands of the state are Kuai, Maui, and Oahu. These are known for their natural beauty. Hawaii is one of the budget-friendly travel places in USA.


Orlando is the home of the world-famous theme parks, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Orlando is always the favorite destination for any family vacation. It is located in Central Florida. A place where magic and dreams come to reality. Orlando is filled with several amusement parks.

Children will be thrilled to meet their favorite characters from storybooks, they can reenact their favorite movie scenes, ride on the roller coaster and children would love to watch whales and dolphins performances.

Other than theme parks, Orlando is famous for its downtown area where you will find restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, and shops. You can watch the amazing flora and fauna of Orlando in the conservation parks and botanic gardens.

Washington D.C

Washington is the capital of the United States, located on the east coast of the Columbia district. It is a cosmopolitan city, home to diverse cultures. Washington is famous for its iconic landmarks like the Capitol Building, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.

Washington is also known for its large number of museums, many are located in the Smithsonian Institute, which is the world’s largest research and museum place. Other popular things are the National Zoo, colonial architecture, and the historic churches.

The famous attraction of Washington is the hop-on and hop-off trolley. If you are on a day trip to Washington visit the Gettysburg Civil War battlefield.


Chicago’s nickname is Windy City. Famous for its towering skyscrapers, unique making of pizzas and hog dogs, and sports. Third-largest city of the United States. Chicago is the hub for the commerce and finance industry.

Chicago is known for the Sears Tower and Navy Pier for its parks, amusements, and restaurants. Chicago is famous for its neighborhood and ethnic downtown. The downtown is famous for its skyscrapers, quaint shops, bakeries, restaurants, upscale malls, and hot dogs.

Chicago is also known for its various historic places like the Old St. Patrick’s Church of 1871. Another one is the Cadillac Palace Theatre. It was opened in 1926 and still runs today. There are many attractions like Grant Park which has many recreational facilities and beautiful gardens. The garden has the Buckingham Fountain which is the world’s largest fountain.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon has attracted millions of visitors and is one of the famous tourist attractions of the United States. This was carved over a million years and is measured 277 miles long by the Colorado River.

Managed by the Grand Canyon National Park. You will see beautiful landscapes, historic sites, various adventurous activities, and view wildlife. Grand Canyon is divided into South and North Rim. The South Rim boats many historic sites like the Grand Canyon Railway Depot, Desert View Watchtower, and El Tovar Hotel.

The famous attraction of the Grand Canyon is Havasu Falls which is 120 feet long and falls into a turquoise water swimming pool. Other attractions include jeep tours, skywalks, helicopter rides, and rafting.

Las Vegas

Have you imagined a city in the middle of a desert that would be popular in Nevada, it is also due to the game of casinos in Las Vegas that it is famous for.The famous names of the casinos here are all household names like MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio.

Las Vegas has everything that will suit every one of different interests and ages. On the main street of Las Vegas are fountains which are a reflection of the Eiffel Tower and Egyptian pyramid. Good news for Golfers, as there are more than 55 gold courses in Las Vegas. Just outside Las Vegas are many places for hiking and rock climbing.


If you are confused as to what are best travel places in USA, reading the above guide will help you plan your trip to the United States of America. We hope this will be useful to give you a glimpse to also find the cheapest places to travel in US.

Even if you plan to travel every year, there will be some places left every time from the exhaustive list to enjoy the best places in the USA.