Also known as the heart of the Pacific Ocean is a place mixed with an aesthetic environment, a small island with a huge range of beautiful mountains, rainforests, and friendly people. From delicious food to a wonderful shopping experience Fiji has something to offer you.

Whether you are a history freak, nature lover, adventure hunter, or looking for a fun and relaxed get-away Fiji will provide you with everything you are looking for, read through this Fiji travel guide to know more.

Best areas to stay in Fiji

When planning a vacation it is a must to look for comfortable places to stay, here is a guide to ease your work.

Nadi- a budget-friendly, comfortable place along the coastline with many hotels. You will find hotels for cheaper or luxurious prices so it is according to your preference. This place has a wide range of mouthwatering local and western food, a shopping complex, a cinema, and more entertainment for you to experience. 

Denarau Island- situated on the main island is a place for many fun-filled activities and a collection of rich resorts. You can also enjoy the day by engaging in some golf and kill time. Known for its vast range of shopping and western water sports which will entertain you beyond expectation. Denarau Island is connected via boats and cruises to access the restaurants near the harbors. 

Suva– the capital of Fiji with a beautiful aesthetic appearance that is sure to attract visitors. There is a collection of malls downtown while a collection of ancient buildings can be seen in the southern part. You will be able to witness a wide range of museums, local markets with arts and crafts, and restaurants with delicious food. Make sure to take part in some occasional festivals conducted. 

Yasawa Islands– this is a perfect place for first-time visitors, you will never get bored of the beaches and the sunsets here. Surrounded by beautiful crystal clear beaches and amazing relaxation spots for you. You can also engage in water sports and enjoy the evenings or sip a coconut while lying on the shore. 

Mamanuca Island- is an island comprising two parts The northern part has flat islands and the southern is more tropical. This is also a place with mesmerizing beaches to satisfy your beach vibes. You can also participate in activities like swimming, hiking, surfing, and scuba diving. Make sure to fulfill your dream of swimming with sharks here. 

Best places to visit in Fiji 

Here are some of the best places to visit during the vacation,

Fiji Museum– starting the trip by learning historical details is an added advantage for you, this is one of the most visited places among travelers, and you will get to witness the culture, tradition, arts, and architecture of the ancient days. You can get good knowledge about ancient Fiji from the guides.

Colo- I-Suva Forest Park – this is one of the top places to visit in Fiji, a forest park that also has a rich rainforest covered with plants and trees. You can walk through the place, take a look at nature and relax in one of the pools. If you are an adventure seeker then you can also climb through the rocks and get a good look at the nature

Suva Municipal Market– an accurate place for you to shop, you will get to purchase all the needed items here. You will get vegetables, fruits, and other grocery items for cheaper rates here. Many visitors make it compulsory to visit here.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami temple– is one of the rare spots where you will find Indian Dravidian traditional architecture. A spectacular Hindu temple adorned with the traditional wood carvings and frescoes of the gods. Remember to remove your shoes outside and you can not take photographs inside the temple. This place is a must in your travel plan.

Tavoro Waterfalls– an incredible and majestic waterfall covered with green forest is one of the best places you can visit. It is also known as Garden Island by travelers. You will find three cascades combined and you should climb them at indifferent intervals but the climbing is worth it. You can also take a break in these waterfalls after a tiring climb. 

Top things to do in Fiji 

Stay at Bure- an authentic place that will give you a friendly vibe, it is a simple resort built with an outdoor shower that is more comfortable than the hotels. You will get to witness some traditional arts and this is a perfect place for couples who would rather prefer a private place. 

Scuba diving– Fiji is known for its Scuba Diving, people from all over the world visit Fiji especially to go scuba diving, you will get to dive with colorful fish, coral reefs, and sharks. Remember you can’t just dive directly into the ocean as it may cause serious issues therefore some experts will guide you through the dive and you can click good photographs when inside the ocean.

Visit Fiji Culture Village– one of the top things to do in Fiji is to visit this village that will surely fill your heart and soul, a place that will teach you the culture and tradition, you can also learn about weaving, making fire, and other constructions. While in this place do not forget to taste their local food, you can enjoy the meal while watching the dance and song sessions. Some very skilled dancers will leave you open-mouthed. 

Take a catamaran cruise trip- this is one of the best things to do in Fiji you can simply get into a cruise and sit on the deck and enjoy the island view or stop for swimming or snorkeling it’s all up to you. Most people prefer staying on the deck to enjoy the ride while sipping a drink or having a nap.

Visit an adventure park- this place can fill your child’s mind and soul with the most beautiful and unique species, it has a mixture of animals, birds, and mammals that can be treated to your eyes. Not only that you can also go zip lining, canopy walks, and a walk along the trails. This park is a bonus for your adventure journey.

Best time to visit Fiji

The best time for visiting Fiji is from May to September when the sky is very clear and the environment is all set for a perfect adventure. From November to April Fiji experiences monsoon season but it is also the off-season hence if you do not mind a little drop of rain then this could be a better option.  

What to avoid in Fiji?

Before starting your vacation follow some of the most important points to avoid any problems, here are some of the do’s and don’ts in Fiji you must follow

  • Learn some basic Fiji languages that will attract the locals, they will be very happy to welcome you.
  • Make sure to learn about the festivals them as they follow a set of rules and regulations 
  • Do not dig into the food as soon as you get a plate because it is a Fijian tradition to get the blessing before starting the meal.
  • Involve with the locals, they are very warm and loving and prefer a good listener and a communicator.
  • Always follow a proper dress code and be presentable.

How to travel in Fiji?

Buses– You will find electronic buses that work according to a card system, this system is way more comfortable to stroll around the city.

Taxis– Taxis are also available conveniences. It can be hired from the resorts or hotels you stay or you can also book one via the agencies you contact.

Rental cars- a way more convenient mode to travel as you can go wherever you prefer by self-driving, but you will need to book beforehand.

Water taxis and ferries– these can be used to travel from one island to another. It can be a little more costly than the road ones but reliable and comfortable.

How To find Best Fiji vacation package?

Do researchers- research various agencies online and find out which ones that go with affordable packages. Look for reputed sources that will list out some good affordable packages.

Compare the prices- compare the prices of the agencies and check if there are inclusives and exclusives such as accommodation, meals, and sightseeing.

Reviews and opinions– it is very important to read the reviews and get to know the opinions of the experienced ones so that you can avoid any inconveniences.


A vibrant place that provides travelers with adventures, fun activities, and knowledge, Fiji has a mixture of local culture, traditions, and arts and some delicious food too. Combined with islands and beaches it has something to provide the visitors. 

You could be an adventure seeker, nature lover, food lover or a history magnet, Fiji will provide what exactly you look for, so why delay pack your bag and indulge in a memorable journey towards Fiji?  If you found this Fiji guide useful then check our everything you need to know about Cuba

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