Situated in the Caribbean region, it is one of the most visited places. Comprising forests, wildlife, flora and fauna, and small deserts, Cuba has something to give to the visitors. This can be a perfect destination for you as a family, couple, or solo traveler you will get to witness some magnificent birds and species that are unique to Cuba. No wonder Cuba is mostly liked by Nature lovers as it covers most of its land with mountains and hills.

You will get to see some trees and plants that are only available in Cuba, which is also another reason for visitors to select Cuba as their travel destination. Another interesting fact about Cuba is its combination of African and European population that affects their music too. Get to know more about Cuba by reading this Cuba travel guide.

Best areas to stay in Cuba 

Havana- A mixture of food, culture, arts, history, and architecture is what you will find in Havana. You can stay in hotels or guesthouses in which you may find the owners to live or without the owners, in whatever way you prefer. While you stay in these hotels and guesthouses, you can interact with the locals and learn about their culture and traditions too. You can either select a nature-based place or a city-based place. 

Vinales– a complete package of mountains and farmlands you can enjoy the stay by engaging in horse riding, cycling, hiking, and rock climbing. You can either go horse riding in the green scenery or go hiking to the tobacco farms. Do not forget to try their local food.

Trinidad– a colorful small town rich in history, architecture, culture, and delicious food. You will find colorful buildings and houses which are attractive. You can find beach theme resorts or private hotels either way you will enjoy the stay here. Visiting this place should be a must if you are looking for entertainment.

Varadero- this place is unique for its beaches and the soothing vibe it gives to the people. You can enjoy the day by scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and golf. You can also visit the park that speaks of the ancient cave drawings. There are luxurious guest houses for you to stay, but if you are on a budgeted tour you can select resorts and hotels accordingly. 

Sancti Spiritus- covered with colonial buildings and bridges is one of the ancient cities of Cuba, you can enjoy a stunning view of nature from the beaches, or take a walk through the Puente Yayabo Bridge to get a good nature view with a refreshing drink. You can engage in watersports during your leisure time. 

Best places to visit in Cuba

Guardalavaca– it’s a quiet place compared to other places in Cuba, surrounded by beaches and coral reefs, this is a perfect place for beach lovers as you can soak yourself in the sun and relax with a glass of drink. You can enjoy the day by going for a jungle adventure, sailing or sightseeing. You can also learn about the tradition and culture by visiting other places like Cayo Naranjo and the Dolphinarium. This should be a must in the list of top places to visit in Cuba.

Playa Paraiso, Cayo– one of the best beaches in Cuba with pure white sand and sky blue water a perfect destination for photographs. You can relax and have a quiet time at this beach with a stunning sunset view. There are trial rooms for changing dresses hence you need not worry about it.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes– a place full of arts, architecture, and sculpture is a perfect destination for art lovers. You will find a blend of historical buildings from Asia, America, and all around the world, you will also get to witness some perfect Cuban Art here. The specialty of this place is that it also has modern art and architecture.

Peninsula de Zapata– this is one of the largest wetlands of the Caribbean island and has a wide range of birds and animals. You will find this place in a less crowded area of Cuba. It contains around 150 varieties of birds. The uniqueness of this place is that it has a collection of crocodiles, hence you can learn about the crocodile breed. 

El Nicho Waterfalls– a perfect place for you to dive in after a tiring day. You have to pay an entrance ticket and walk through the beautiful green forests and get a view of the most stunning waterfall. Meanwhile, you can also swim and dive here but keep an eye on the national bird of Cuba. visiting here is a great decision if you are a nature lover and searching for activities to do with family.

Top things to do in Cuba

Live music- while in Cuba fuel up your vacation by involving some live music, you will get to witness different genres of music with different instruments being played, and you will get to experience them in bars and resorts hence check out the places that will provide live music.

Visit Trinidad- this place will give you a vibrant radiant of colorful architecture and galleries situated in central Cuba. a perfect place to indulge oneself in a fairytale experience, you can also visit the museums. The best thing is that the vehicles aren’t allowed here hence you can stroll through the place and get good pictures.

Climb El Yunque- one of the most loved places by travelers, a high peak mountain to climb with a slope suitable for both beginners and pros but if you fear that you may get hurt then hire a guide who will instruct you. Make sure to look for flora and fauna here, after your climb relax in the waterfall so make sure to bring a swimsuit. 

Diving– this is one of the most preferred activities by anyone and everyone who visits Cuba, you can dive in the Bay of Pigs as known by the locals, and relax in the water and witness the beautiful coral reefs and underwater creatures too, but if you do not prefer diving you can also go snorkeling and enjoy the view with a glass of cocktail.

Walk around Cienfuegos– a UNESCO heritage site and a perfect place for you to take a walk to relax and get out of the noisy city. You will find a garden with varieties of plants and trees, especially different types of bamboo trees. You can simply relax and chill in the evening in this place. 

Best time to visit Cuba

To avoid any inconveniences while on vacation you must plan it well, one of the most important things is to know about the time to travel so here are some guides to refer to before traveling to Cuba. November to April is the best time to travel while mid-April will provide you with a warm and pleasant environment. For people who prefer stormy afternoons then visit during July and August. 

What to avoid in Cuba?

Cuba is a very peaceful and fun country to visit but if you want a peaceful vacation check out some important tips to follow,

  • Do not involve yourself in Politics- the government will not tolerate any criticism hence mind your business and avoid making people uncomfortable and falling in trouble.
  • Do not stay in Orange Casas- casas are houses with beds for people to stay and there are blue casas for foreigners while orange casas are for Cubans so make sure you select the blue ones to avoid falling into trouble.
  • Avoid photographing police officers- if you are a photographer and love taking everything you see then this point is for you, do not take pictures of the police officers that is strictly prohibited in Cuba.
  • Do not remain silent- the locals are very jovial and fun people so interact with them and get to know about the local culture and traditions.
  • Do not confuse the currencies- there are two currencies used in Cuba that have a huge difference hence make sure you use them wisely to stop falling into any scams.

How to travel in Cuba?

Rent a car-  this is most popular and widely used by most travelers as it is very reliable and easy, you will get a private driver to assess you through the routes but if you prefer a car make sure to book it before as many people used to hire these.

Bus– you can also travel using a bus which is more affordable but it works according to a strict timetable so make sure to stick to it without missing the schedule.

Trains and taxis– there are other modes of transportation you can use, but these are also scheduled and less comfortable. It is better if you are a solo traveler.

How to find Best Cuba Vacation packages?

By figuring out the expenses you will have to shoulder for the vacation you can leisurely plan it therefore consider the below tips to know more,

  • Pricing– it is very important to figure out the ticket prices and the additional prices like accommodation, food, and others, so while contacting the agency, remember to get information on these.
  • Comparison– do not rely on one agency, surf through the internet and find more agencies, list out the pros and cons, and then select the one you feel comfortable with.
  • Views and opinions– to escape from scams, make sure to ask around people who traveled with the agency you selected and get their ideas and experiences, too.


A place filled with wildlife, flora, and fauna, and nature is surely the best experience you will ever get on a vacation. By reading this guide about Cuba you will also know the top things to do in Cuba and the places to visit and most importantly, you will also be able to learn the history of Cuba. get the maximum out of the vacation by engaging in fun-filled activities, too.

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