When we think of American classics, we think of childhood favorites like hot dogs, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies. This cuisine has left such an impression on us through the years that it appears that everyone has a small love affair with it at some time. It has gone from excellent to spectacular in India, thanks to the influx of American grubs. We’ve compiled a list of their top ten most delectable foods of all time. This collection includes everything from summery favorites to comfort cuisine classics.

Classics like hamburgers, chicken wings, hot dogs, and pancakes come to mind first when you think of “American food.” Like many other aspects of American culture, the cuisine has been influenced by other civilizations. German, British, Italian, Dutch, French, and Caribbean cultures are just a few of the cultures that have added to what is now called standard American cuisine. Here’s a list of popular American dishes that may be found throughout the country.

  • American pancakes: We’ve eaten pancakes in many cities across the world, like Amsterdam, Athens, Osaka, Riga, and Taipei. Others were savory, while others were sweet. They were all delicious, but none compared to the fluffy stacks of pancakes offered in America with a side of maple syrup. Pancakes from the United States have a particular place in our hearts. We don’t mind if they’re huge and broad or shaped like silver dollars as long as they’re slathered in butter and drenched in maple syrup.
  • Hot Dogs: An all-American hot dog is a perfect accompaniment to a summer barbecue or a baseball game. Although the hot dog was invented by German Charles Feltman, who served German sausage (also known as frankfurter or frank) on buns to conserve space on plates, it was Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker’s hot dog shop Nathan’s on Coney Island that made the hot dog a national symbol. There are regional variants, such as New York-style with sauce and relishes and Chicago-style with no sauce served on a poppy seed bun.
  • Apple Pie: It’s no shock that this pie is popular in the United States. Warm slices of cooked apples are encased in a sticky, sweet sauce with cinnamon and surrounded by a buttery, flaky handmade pie crust. Apple pie, among the most emblematic of American dishes, was brought to the United States by British and Dutch immigrants. However, it has evolved into a distinctively American culinary experience, usually eaten with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Apple pie did not originate in the United States, despite such fervent devotion to the dish. During the 14th century, the first apple pie was made in England.
  • Chicken and Waffles: Who’d have imagined that syrup-soaked waffles and Southern-fried chicken would go well together bread and butter? Chicken and waffles, considered to have been invented by African Americans moving from the South to the North after the Civil War, were shortly being served at Harlem jazz clubs. Of course, they’re now renowned throughout the country. Many decades ago, an unknown genius decided to merge all of the best elements of a fried chicken supper with all of the best elements of a waffle stack to create the perfect sweet-savory breakfast classic. Fried chicken, which originated in America, is the crispiest and most delicious item you’ll ever put on top of waffles.
  • Buffalo wings: These fried chicken wings dipped in a cayenne-vinegar spicy sauce (buffalo sauce) are a popular bar snack, despite being invented in the 1960s. Buffalo chicken wings were initially served at Buffalo, New York’s Anchor Bar, and have since become one of the most popular bar meals. Buffalo chicken wings are a great addition to pub fare on game day. The Anchor Bar in Buffalo is home to New York’s favorite bar snack. These butter-and-hot-sauce-marinated deep-fried chicken wings are best served with blue cheese dip, celery sticks, and a ball game. 
  • Hamburger: The hamburger and cheeseburger are undoubtedly popular in the United States. Burgers have to be the most American of all the foods if we were to choose one. When we’re not in the United States, one of the meals we miss the most is hamburgers. During our travels, we’ve eaten so many awful ones that we’ve lost track. Some were served raw, while others were fried to the point of resembling leather. Then there were the burgers that had a meatloaf texture to them. It may be found on the menus of almost every American restaurant. It’s got gooey cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a spicy pickle sauce on it.
  • Mac and cheese: Everyone’s favorite comfort meal is said to have originated from a dish called “macaroni pie” that Thomas Jefferson ate while on a trip to Europe. Soon after, his cousin, Mary Randolph, released a cookbook with her version of the meal, dubbed “macaroni and cheese” this time. However, it wasn’t until the 1930s and 1940s that its popularity skyrocketed, thanks to the advent of boxed lunches. The greatest comfort meal in America is this oven-baked dish. It became well-known after Thomas Jefferson introduced it to the American public. While no one can claim to have invented the famous macaroni and cheese recipe, everyone has their favorite variation.
  • Tater Tots: We all love French fries, but tater tots are a great American twist on the standard spud. Breakfast places, quick food establishments, and eateries sell these grated potato mini-balls that are cylindrical and fried with a crispy surface. Did you know that the United States consumes over 70 million pounds of tater tots each year? Tater tots are an American classic, whether served as a side dish or as the foundation for a casserole.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: “A cookie in each hand equals a balanced diet.” So let us applaud Ruth Wakefield of Massachusetts, who in the 1930s came up with the wonderful idea of putting chocolate in her butter biscuits. If you’re a cookie fanatic like us, bake a batch of chewy and crispy cookies to get your chocolate fix and elevate this comfort food to new heights. The Tollhouse Chocolate Chip recipe is owned by Nestlé, a Swiss corporation. This delectable delicacy is as authentically American as apple pie. Unlike Apple Pie, the Chocolate Chip Cookie was created in the United States.
  • Cornbread: Cornbread is a staple of Southern food and is served with almost anything south of the Mason-Dixon line. Of course, it may be prepared in many ways and seasoned with a range of ingredients, including cheese, herbs, and jalapenos.