Pattaya is 150km southeast of Bangkok. It is about a two-hour drive from Bangkok. It is known for its pulsating nightlife and quality beaches. Pattaya is a world-renowned vacation destination therefore hundreds of tourists visit Pattaya from around the globe.  Activities like water skiing, sunbathing, snorkeling, or sailing can make a trip to Pattaya a memorable one for you and your family.

This Pattaya travel guide will assist you in planning an unforgettable adventure in this captivating coastal paradise. Let us discover what Pattaya has to offer. is also known for its fabulous restaurants that serve fresh seafood all year round. 

Best places to visit in Pattaya 

Pattaya offers a mix of pristine beaches, exhilarating entertainment, and cultural wonders. Let us dive in and discover the best places to visit in Pattaya before you plan your next vacation.

Khao Pattaya

Khao Pattaya, also known as the Pattaya Viewpoint on Pratumnak Hill is one of the best resorts that gives a perfect view of the beaches, islands, and hills. It is the best place to take memorable pictures as you stand against the rail and view the majestic beauty of Pattaya. 

Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

There are tons of things to see in Pattaya but The Tiffany’s Cabaret Show is at the top of the list for most visitors. The show runs in a grand theater where the performers dress in beautiful ball gowns and feathers and perform amazingly. 

The Elephant Village

If you are an animal lover you will love The Elephant Village. This is a perfect place to visit if you want to leave the chaos of the city and spend your day with animals. The place is made for working elephants who have retired and is being managed by an NGO to give them a life of dignity. Visitors can visit the jungles where you can see elephants in groups and enjoy these majestic animals. 

Kon Larn (The Coral Island)

Kon Larn has white-sand beaches where one can do parasailing, banana boat rides, and sea walking. This is one of the most visited places for families as it has tons of different activities for people of all ages.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a perfect place for nature lovers. This is a wonderful place where you can have a peaceful day amidst flowers and trees spread over 2.4 sq. km. The place also has 670 species of orchids, and you can enjoy a great elephant talent show. 

Pattaya Orphanage

This is a perfect place to share your love and care with the children in Pattaya Orphanage. It was established around fifty years ago by Father Ray in the 1970s. The children living here belong to parents suffering from drug abuse, various life-threatening diseases, and poverty. Visitors can sponsor food or volunteer at the orphanage. Sharing your joy with underprivileged children will leave an everlasting memory for you.

Top things to do in Pattaya


Pattaya is known for its sizzling nightlife and a visit to “The Walking Street” is one of the best things to do when in Pattaya. The street is filled with bright lights, bars, and discos to give you a lifetime experience. You can also check out other hubs that offer all types of attractions for their visitors. 

The Floating Market 

The floating market at Pattaya has people coming from North, South, Central, and Northeast Thailand to sell their produce. You can buy excellent Thai food, desserts, and local dishes from around 114 vendors selling from their boats. Watching these colorful boats filled with goodies is a sight to see at Pattaya.

Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines 

Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines is at the top of the list of visitors in Pattaya. You can take private tours to see these beautiful Sapphire mines. You can also see the process of cutting and polishing and watch them turn into precious stones.

Cartoon Network Amazone

If you are travelling with kids to Pattaya then you should not miss visiting the Cartoon Network Amazone. This is an amusement and water park that has thrilling rides as well as live shows. Kids of all ages will enjoy performances by different Cartoon characters like Johnny Bravo, and Gumball & Darwin. 

The SKY Pattaya Rocket Ball Ride

If you are a night owl then you will love the SKY Pattaya Rocket Ball Ride. You will be able to ride in a steel vehicle through which you are thrown up in the air. This is a perfect place for people with strong hearts and a will to take up some adventure as long as they are physically and mentally strong. 

Best time to visit Pattaya 

The best time to visit Pattaya is between November to May as this is the dry season. But if you enjoy winter, you can visit there between November to March and enjoy the weather at around 26 – 27 degrees Celsius. You may want to carry a light jacket during this time. If you wish to save money on hotels then you can try visiting Pattaya between May to November as it rains and not many people visit Pattaya at this time.

How to travel in Pattaya?

Although there are many ways to travel in Pattaya the best would be by baht bus and motorcycle taxi. You can also find meter taxis as well as the Grab Taxi. There are tons of local private taxis available at Pattaya as well but you need to know how to haggle with them to save money. 

Best places to stay in Pattaya

Pattaya is not an expensive place when it comes to accommodation. You can find budget hotels as well as 5-star hotels in Pattaya easily. The best place to stay in Pattaya depends on your budget and your mood. You can opt for resorts, beach houses, guest houses, or even private houses for your stay. You can get good deals on hotels if you book in advance especially if you are traveling between November to February which is the peak season for visitors. 

Interesting things to know about Pattaya

Pattaya is a relatively safe place to visit but like any other place, it has its own secrets. Here are a few interesting things you should know about Pattaya before heading there. 

  • There have been incidents when men got robbed by ladyboys. Tourists have also complained about getting pick-picketed on the bhat bus. It is good to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings to avoid being pickpocketed. 
  • Be cautious if you plan to drive in Pattaya. People often rashly drive there, therefore it is advisable to keep cool while driving and avoid any accidents. 
  • It is advisable to exchange foreign currency in Pattaya as you will get a good exchange rate there. You can use your bank card but it is better to check with your bank if you can use the card in Thailand. 

What to avoid in Pattaya?

Remember you are entering a new country and it has its own rules and laws. There are certain things that you should avoid in Pattaya to have a pleasant stay. 

  • Insulting the Thai Royal Family is seen as a crime and you can be sent to lifetime imprisonment for it. Avoid making any comments about the royal family while in Pattaya. 
  • The Thai coins and notes have a picture of the current and previous kings on it therefore they must be handled with respect. Remember not to step on the currency at any cost. Don’t let it fall, or leave the currency on the ground. Don’t rip or damage the currency on purpose. 
  • Never touch a Thai person on the top of their head. It is deemed disrespectful to touch anyone on their head in Pattaya. Also, refrain from raising your feet above anyone’s head as the feet are the most liked part of the body. 
  • Never use the left hand for handshakes or to pass things to someone. The left hand is used in the toilet therefore it is considered offensive to use it. 
  • Don’t wear shoes in someone’s house. Check to see if there are shoes at the entrance of a shop or a massage parlor and follow the same rule. 
  • Roaming around without a shirt is fine at the beach but put it on before you enter a restaurant or any public place. 
  • You might get offered drugs at a bar. Remember you might get tested for drugs if there is a drug bust. If caught you might end up in prison for a long time. 

How to Find Out Best Pattaya vacation package?

Discover the allure of Pattaya with an array of excellent vacation packages made to your desires. Whether you seek romance as a Honeymooer, a touch of magic through “The Magical Pattaya tour”, luxury through “Luxurious Getaway to Pattaya & Bangkok” or a blissful Thai Escape, the perfect Pattaya vacation package awaits you. Choose your ideal package and embark on an unforgettable journey to one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. 

Take Away

Pattaya is a perfect blend of Tranquility and Adventure. The vibrant coastal city has something for everyone starting from beaches to high-end resorts to sizzling nightlife and excellent water sports. You can explore ancient temples, eat authentic cuisine, relax, and have an adventure when you please at affordable prices in Pattaya.

A visit to Pattaya can be an unforgettable vacation, therefore pack your bags and head out to this captivating place called Pattaya. You can also check out travel guides related to trips to Asia to plan an out-of-the-world vacation with family and friends. Happy Travelling!