Planning a holiday on the Virgin Islands in the US is an extraordinary and splendid idea, as this place is made of beautiful and vibrant beaches, luxury buildings and resorts, mouthwatering dishes, and historic sites. This article will give you details of US Virgin Island resorts all inclusive, therefore you will have a time-saving vacation. 

Below are some of the best resorts in the US Virgin Islands. We have also covered about the best all-inclusive resorts in the USA to visit, don’t forget to check it out. 

Best resorts in the US Virgin Island all inclusive

Lovango Resort and Beach Club, St.John- this resort is situated on a private island that serves a splendid nature for the visitors, you can use their ferry services for dinner or sightseeing but make sure to book it to avoid any inconveniences. You can also enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and hiking. Therefore this resort is a perfect place for outdoor lovers. 

Emerald Beach Resort St. Thomas– this resort falls under US Virgin Islands all-inclusive resorts for families with the best beach view and incredible packages. If you go to their website you will find a list of packages for couples or bride and groom-to-be hence this resort provides whatever you need, you check in they will offer free drinks, Wi-Fi, and parking. Overall the most relaxing thing about this place is the pleasant view from the balcony and the relaxation you will get upon soaking in the pool.

The Ritz Carlton St.Thomas- this is one of the best resorts you will find in the US Virgin Islands as it offers some top-tier facilities like a spa, private pool, and private beach. This resort has also won the best resort award hence you don’t want to worry about the environment, it will do justice for your money.

The Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort St. Croix- if you want to create a memorable family vacation then this is the best resort you will find, as it includes a golf course, fitness center, a full-service spa, two pools, and three restaurants. But if you are going as a couple they have some exclusive deals like romantic dinners, snorkeling trips, beach view lunches, and late-night checkouts, either you go as a family or as a couple, you will surely enjoy the stay here. 

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, St.Thomas- a stay here will give you a memorable vacation as it is different from other resorts. You will get to have meals that aren’t typical instead you will get to taste unlimited cocktails and some delicious food. Additionally, you can boost your energy by engaging in some water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, and paddling. You will be lucky enough if you get to witness the live music during the holiday season.

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All-inclusive resorts in the US Virgin Islands adult-only

Apart from the resorts that are suitable for families and couples, some are suitable for adults. Here is a list of adult-only resorts.

Divi Carina Bay Beach resort- if you are searching for a US Virgin Island resort then this is the perfect place, a place made of sleek modern decoration and a touch of beach theme, and the guest room is designed with a private patio facing the ocean. Some of the games you can take part in are pickleball, mini golf, gaming tables, and non-motorized sports. You will also find casinos, bars, restaurants, and buffet-style markets. Meanwhile, enjoy a delicious juicy burger or a hotdog. 

Sandcastle on the beach- if you are looking for US Virgin Island resorts all-inclusive this is the exact place you have to visit, you will find five different types of rooms starting from beach views to private balconies. If you are a water sports lover then you will love the sports here, snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. If you prefer some relaxation then head out to one of the freshwater pools. Do not forget to taste the delicious cuisines here. 

The Fred- this is another inclusive adult-only resort that comes with private balconies, one of the special facilities here is that you can take pets and they will provide bowls and baskets till your stay here. You can enjoy some board games or puzzles on the lounge with your friends or spend time on the internet as they provide free Wi-Fi

Frenchman’s Reef and Morning Star Marriott resort- a 4-star resort that will suit adults who wish to spend some quality time, you will get to experience a variety of facilities such as a spa, restaurants, bars, and pools. They also prepare some delicious cuisines from around the world. You can also spend the vacation by engaging in water sports or exploring the markets and historic places. 

Secret Harbor- a resort that will give you a homely feeling surrounded by crystal clear beaches. The rooms are decorated with beautiful architecture and it has options from studio to 3 bedroom size. You can enjoy water sports or play tennis, this place also offers a fitness center and a range of cuisines. 

Top resorts in the US Virgin Island all inclusive

Are there all-inclusive resorts in the US Virgin Islands? If you have this question in mind, don’t worry this article will give all the necessary details.

Sapphire Beach Aparthotel- an elegant and cozy resort with beachfront accommodations, you can enjoy horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, or live music. This place offers family rooms with free Wi-Fi and flat screens. You can enjoy the morning coffee on the terrace by looking at the sunrise. 

Castle Villas at Bluebeards- a specialty of this place is although it is rebuilt it still has the old charm that amazes the visitors. The place is built with private kitchens and balconies that overlook the sea. This place is highly recommended when you travel with kids as they offer children’s pools and hot baths for adults. 

Gallows Point Resort- a perfect family venue that is filled with white sand beaches, and many activities for you. You can also enjoy some time in the pool or grab a partner and play tennis  on the court. You can also enjoy outdoor activities or any water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving or horse riding. 

Sugar Apple Bed and breakfast– this is one of the best US Virgin Island beach resorts you will find comfortable and convenient. The resort is surrounded by a calm and serene environment and will give you a homely feeling. As it is near some attractive sites on the island you can visit those sites during your off time. If you prefer relaxation then head out to the swimming pool. Make sure to take part in the fun rides offered by the resorts like diving and snorkeling. 

Palm Vista- a must-visit dreamy place on the island, you can get rooms for around six people at affordable prices, it is located on St. John island and offers you some incredible facilities like a dining area, swimming pool, and porch. If you are visiting as a family then this is the exact place you have to stop, 

Best luxury resorts in the US Virgin Islands all inclusive

While planning the vacation you may come across cheap resorts and luxurious resorts, but if you aren’t aware of the list of the resorts you may fall into a trap hence here are some best all-inclusive luxury resorts, read through the article to find out the facilities available.

Westin St.John Resort- the resort set perfectly covering a huge swimming pool, beach, and kids’ camps across 47 acres of sandy and crystal clear blue water. You can get involved in kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, or surfing to create a memorable vacation. You can select either a three-bedroom place or a townhouse but whatever it is you will get a fully equipped kitchen, washer, and dryer.  

Scrub Island Resort- you will be amazed by the luxury this resort will provide you, the rooms are decorated with local arts and a beach view. The resort itself is surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs. You can either stay indoors and get a good spa treatment or hire a catamaran to explore the neighborhood.

Guana Island a resort that offers a sea view with warm and clear beaches, especially for snorkeling. You will get three meals, snacks, and drinks, you will get to select the delicious seafood cuisines with the island’s freshly grown fruits and vegetables. You can also get massages here or involved in yoga during your free time. Make sure to enjoy the landscapes while you stay here. 

Rosewood Little Dix Bay- this resort dates back to the olden days with elegance and super-quality service. Situated among the colorful coral reefs and a calm aquatic environment is a perfect venue for a family. The resort provides luxurious services to the visitors, hence if you prefer for some relaxation then head out to the spa that offers some lavish treatment.

Peter Island Resort- a romantic place set amidst the lush green mountain and beautiful serene beaches, you have to enter here by boat or helicopter, this resort is different from others as it has private staff and chefs for the visitors, you can also taste some innovative dishes made by the talented chefs. You can also go snorkeling or relax and get some spa treatment here.

To Conclude

Thinking about a perfect vacation that will satisfy you and the family is quite a hard task but it is not hard anymore as this guide will help you get a clear idea of where to travel to the US Virgin Islands, and what facilities and accommodations you will experience in your stay at the resorts. 

This guide will help you to minimize your worries and troubles and make the vacation more memorable. You can also check out our all-in one Mеlbournе travеl guidе